dilluns, 12 de novembre de 2007

the machine is us!

advertising is very important for customers.
we find adverts every where but above all on the
Internet there we can find all kind of products around
the world.
we buy goods from UK, EEUU, France...
besides it's marvellous that I can communicate with
everybody on the other part of the planet.
in the past, people spent a lot of money only on stamps.


divendres, 9 de novembre de 2007

Web 2.0

Have you ever heard of it? Watch the video and write a short comment on our blog.
Sorry it is in Spanish!

dijous, 8 de novembre de 2007

More than the machine

This video makes us think about how we use technology and how it influences in our lives. I hadn't noticed before that it's true: we are the real machine!Computers are only our tools.
Nowadays we use computers more than any other machine.
Actually, we don't read newspapers, we read the news on the internet, we don't write letters, we send e-mails, and a lot of more things wich are easier and cheaper with computers. Internet has completely change our lives, making them both faster and easier.
But there is another aspect of the video wich I don't agree.
On one hand, I think that digital text is a great invention, we can do a lot of things with it, but on the other hand, sometimes with digital text we can't express what with hand written one we can. Our letter tells a lot of things about us. It shows our personality, our character and even our emotions. It's not the same an e-mail than a letter.
Maybe we are the real machine but we are also the persons.

dimecres, 7 de novembre de 2007

The machine is us!

This video shows us the changes that technologie has mede i n hour lives. First of all makes a summary about the letters writted by hand. It says that writting by hand was always the same, the same kind of letter, always in line... But with the internet and the new technologies we could writte with different type of letters, different directions and computers couls also make links. But, have a look at the text and think a litle bit.

The machine is us! Are we the machine?

Of course! If computers do these things is because we have invented theme and we have made it better during the last ages. so, we are the real machine!

dimarts, 6 de novembre de 2007

The machine is us!

This video makes you realise how the net is influencing our life.
The biggest problem of the advance of the technology is that they make do us what they want, they want us do a web and we do it, they want us do a blog and we do it and like this two examples we can find lots.
It's true that now our life is less difficult, we can communicate faster and easier, but not safer, because in the net there's a lot of people that manipulate the information we write or things like this.
I'm not saying that internet is a bad invention the only thing that I think is that we should know when we have to use it and the most important: how we have to use it.

The machine is us!

This video is about the use of Internet and the changes that have brought to our lives.
Years before people comunicate within them by letters and it was so slow, but nowadays with the Internet you can do this in only a second. It also shows you that you can copy and paste words without no problem. It’s a fact that you can’t do writting by hand.
Internet has lots of uses instead of comunicate, you can find information, buy things cheaper and everybody can show them opinion by blogs and webpages. It’s a great invention but everybody has to do a good use of it.

The machine is us!

This video talks about the advantages of using Internet.
Internet is a great way to comuniate with other people very quickly.
Everyone that wants to post something there can do it, but not everybody do this correctly, because somebody can take a video of someone and post it into the Internet without her allowment, so it’s so bad because you lose your intimitate.
From my point of view Internet is the best invention if everybody use well this, because you can show your opinions in blogs, find information, buy things, do business and lots of things.

Be careful!

Maybe you won't be agree with me but here there is my opinion.
Are we going beyond the limit? I think so.
The machine has improved. That's right but sometimes I think it has changed too much.
Some changes are great while others aren't.
Lots of machines have make our life easier but we are wrong when we think they can solve our life. With them we are a team and we have to work toghether if not it will be a disaster. We have the knowledge they have the tools we should get on well toghether.
Then and only then our lifes would be better.