dijous, 13 de desembre de 2007

Teenagers against parents and teachers?

I don't agree with the afirmation of the title as it isn't true. From my point of view it's a mistake to say that.

I'll explain my opinion from a teeneager's view as I am.
Not all the teens want to argue with their parents nor with their teachers. Adults often look us with a distrusted look which make us behave badly. This fact encourages them to make us feel guilty of their sadness.

Maybe some teenagers are silly while others are well mannered. Adults should balance these two possibilities and realise 20% of the youth have a bad behavior but what about the 80%?
They are well mannered although they make parties and go out since late at night, but isn't it normal in our age? We want to enjoy life!
We usually feel nobody wants to listen to us neither to our proposal, nor to our suggestions... Even, we sometimes feel nobody wants us.

Maybe we can change some behaviors but also the adults, if they give us more trustness the relations with them will be better.

Think about it!

the mobile phones

I’m going to talk about in what places we can use the mobile phones, because nowadays we have a big dependence of it.
In Spain, and I think that in all the world, the mobile phone is very important in our life, because there is a new technology that helps us to communicated with the other people. The people have to pay a lot of money for the news technologies, for example, when some company creates a new mobile phone that is more sophisticated that the other that they have, the people go to the shop to buy the new.
I think that the mobile phones are to talk with the friends, send some messages, and maybe to take some photos. In some countries speak with the mobile phone in a public place like a restaurant is not appropriated.
On my point of view, the mobile phones are very important, but I think that I haven’t to talk a lot, because my invoice is so expensive.

dimecres, 12 de desembre de 2007

Why do you think teenagers have always looked for ways to rebel against their parents and teachers?

I’m going to talk about the young people of the current importance that the majority does not respect his superiors. The things have changed. When I was a few years of age, if I did something bad, my parents punished me, now the children don´t matter the punishment, but I cried myself to sleep. The bad vocabulary which is used for teachers and parents is the normality of day after day, but I think that it isn’t a sin of the children but of their parents who don’t give them & good education.
Probably when I have children I won’t teach the suitable education to them, but I would like to achieve a respect, like my parents teach me.
Today, the education is very important, though the young people don’t tink so.

Using the mobile phone in public places

It is known that mobile phones are very useful for everybody, but there are some occassions that interrupt the normal situation.
The worst for me is when the mobile phone sounds in the theatre or in the cinema when everybody is in silence.
This is something to bothers me a lot.
From my point of view, I think that people should be more careful and swich off their mobile phones when they go to some public places.
There are other situations when not so bad to answer the mobile phone, for example if you are in the street.
In conclusion, if you want my piece of advice swich off your mobile phone everytime that you think that it can anoy somebody.

Using mobile phone in public places

I’m going to speak about if it’s appropiate to use mobile phones in public places or not.

Why wouldn’t It be appropriate? From my point of view it’s totally correct to use mobile phone in restaurants or public transport, because for example people who make business use mobile phone a lot and it wouldn’t be possible to go dinner and not to use it!

If people use mobile phones near me; they don’t disturb me, but it’s true that in some countries using mobile phone in public places has become a act of bad behaviour. Contrasting to it, in Spain people usually use their mobile phones where they want and it isn’t bad viewed.

Teens, teachers and parents

Nowadays teens behaviour have changed a lot. Their respect towards older people is very different, they want to be heard but they don't listen to others.
The first thing that they want to show with this behaviour is that they can do everything withouth being helped or caught. They need to show to older people that they are responsible for their acts and that they need to be independent. More things influence their way to behave, at classes have arguments with teachers seems to make them stronger than before and it also makes feel them improve their selfconciusness.
I'm not saying that it has to be like when our parents went to school, I think that this was excessive, but these last years we are going to the other side, the trend is no respect for anybody.
In my opinion, rules should change a little, teens have to respect their parents or teachers more than now, I think both teachers, parents and teens have to behave better.

teens' behavior

Teens, have always had a rebel bahavior against their parents and a lot of times, against the society. Since always, young people have been revolutionary and they have tried to change the bad things of the world. But why adults don't do the same? That's very curious but I think that it has got a logic reason.
We know that in adolescence a lot of changes take place, specially in our mind. Teens don't want to continue being children, they want to live their own lives so they need more freedom and parents don´t agree with that. They still want to protect their daughters and sons like before and that's why teenagers have got a bad behavior, I think.
Teens don't want anybody to control them.
Teenagers also have got a different point of view of life than adults so they think very differently. Young people are always more positive and think that things could be better and they try to do it, while most adults think that it is good-for-nothing.
I think that all these reasons justify teens' behavior.

mobile phones

I'm going to talk about where can we use mobile phones and if they are appropiate in public places.
We all know that in many countries is not appropiate to talk on the phone in public places such as restaurants, shops or on public transport. But I think that it's because their character and culture. They usually talk very quietly and they never shout. However, in Spain everybody talk on the phone in front of everybody. Moreover, when we talk we do it very loudly. Sometimes we really shout walking by the street while we are talking to somebody on the phone.
What I do is that: if the person who is calling me is an important one and he or she is going to tell me something private, I apologise the person whom I stay with, and I go some meters far.
In conclusion, Spanish people don't value the privacy like some other countries. I think that because our manner. We usually are more amusing and open-minded.

divendres, 7 de desembre de 2007


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Castles of Europe

Dear all, here you have the address of an European project about castles. The task is very easy and as you have realised we live sourounded by castles. I think this is a great oportunity to make our castles known all over Europe and to practise your English. Have a look at it and tell me something on Wednesday.