dimecres, 31 d’octubre de 2007

Germany 2007

I'm going to talk about the exchange we did the last June with German students.
We stayed in Germany during a week. It was a wonderful experience.
Everyone stayed in a house with one German student so we made new friends.
This travel helped me to practise my German and we visit a lot of interesting places.
The better of tis exchange, for me, was learning about a different country and knowing a lot of new people. The thing that more impacted me of Germany was the wonderful landscape and the houses. The most of the people live in houses not in flats so villages are more beautiful.
I think that exchanges are good oportunities for the students and a good form to learn a new language and a new culture.

The mad woman

Since I lived there all people told me that the village was not the best place to live. Old people explained legends to the youth, thismade them be afraid of the place they lived and also made the visitors leave.
It was said that a phantom lived in the house that was near to the biggest mountain of the zone, this phantom was a desperate woman whose man and son where killed in the second world war.
This occured a long time ago and noboby tried to enter the house, because when the woman discovered the disaster she became mad. Fewmonths later she commited a suicide and the legend says that her spirit satayed in the earth because she wanted to avenge the death of her family.
All this silly legend made my pretty village a scary and tenebrous place, so one day we planned to go to this house to try to know the truth. It was a sunny day, we began to walk to arrive to the mountain. The house was very beautiful and we didn't notice strange things so we continued and with a little bit of fear we entered. Nobody was there, only spiders and other insects; they had been the habitants for forty years of this house.
When we arrived to the village all the citizens were waiting for us, they thought we would never return. When we explained them that them legend was fake a big smile invaded their faces, that signified that all their fears had disappeared and that our village could recuperate the tourism, the activities and the happiness it had before the creation of this legend.
Now the house is used to do activities for the young and old people, and we have realised how a legend can influence our life.

My summer

This summer, first, I went with some friends to Vilanova i la Geltrú, we bought clothes, we went to Port Aventura and we have nice days. Then, I went one week to Mallorca with my mother, my father and my brother. In Mallorca, we rent a car and we went to all the island. I like very much Mallorca, is very beautiful. It was a nice experience, but the food I didn't like so much, because is hamburguers, sandwich, and fast food, but there are places in where we ate very well, because in it, there are typical food. in the night, I went to the disco's and pub's, and I met very people from diferents places. The better of this trip for my, was the people that I met, and the landscape. But well, the holidays finished and now we have to study very much and pass 2nd batxillerat.


I will speak about my trip in holland this summer.
In july, I went 15 days to holland with my cousin.
There I met many people from diferent countries
(holland, germany, russia, england, ireland...).
The 6 first days, we stayed in a camping in the north
Holland, in la Haya (den Haag). The other days we stayed
in diferents hostals in Amsterdam, in front the popular canals of
Amsterdam, with the boats...
There, I visited many important museums, for example:
Anna Frank house, Van gogh, museum of diamonds...
was a nice experience, and I learnt a lot about the culture,
typical food, friends, people, museums...
The weather was good firt days, we can go to the beach in
la Haya some days! but the latest days the weather was horrible,
every day big storms in Amsterdam.
I don't like the typical food in Holland because was very sweet (with
a lot of butter).
every nigth we went to diferent discos and pubs to meet people, dance...
was very fun, and I wish to repeat this trip some day! but in other country,
to learn about diferent cultures...

Pearl Harbor

Hi!I'm going to talk about one of my favourite film: Pearl Harbor.It's a love film, it's about two friends, Rafe and Danny that they go to the war, the second war world. There Rafe met a beautiful nurse, Evelyn and he fall in love. Later Rafe seems to die crashing with a plain, but he really don't die. A few weeks later as Evelyn and Danny were sad due to the death of her friend, they fall in love. A few months later Rafe returned alive! The couple were so emotioned, but what would happen? After that Danny was destinned to go to fight, and he died there. After all this tings Rafe and Evelyn reconcilied themselves and they formed a family.In conclusion I like a lot this film because you can learn some culture and it catches you by the form that explain the war mixted with love.I recommend this film to everybody who likes romantic films!

This summer

The last summer I haven't travelled a lot. I only went to the beach for a weekend. And that's not a punishment for me, undless I want to stay in Pobla. My parents allowed me taht with only a condition. I should have work. So I looked for a summer job and I found one. I have been working in a supermarket during a month an a half. The job was great because my timetable was excelent. I worked five hour a day and I had got vacations on sunday and monday. At the same time, I had been passing a very good time because I went to many parties and I stayed with my friends. I think that going with the family in our ages is so boring. If I had to go to the past I wouldn't have changed this last summer. I have lived a lot of good experiences I will always remembre.


I’ve been to Ireland this summer, for three weeks. It was a spectacular experience because I met a lot of people from different countries.

There I learnt English as I went to an academy of English.

I stayed with a host-family who were very funny and interseting. The food was horrible because I always ate potatoes with lots of different sauces.

The Ireland’s life is so different from Spain’s life as they hate parties.

Although it was a fantastic experience and I hope to come back there in the future.

La Pobla de Segur

La Pobla de Segur is a small village near the Pyrenees.
There are 3000 people more or less in this village in winter, but in summer there are all kids who have got their family here, because they are livivng in other places for example: Barcelona,... They come to Pobla all summer and the days that school is closed.

This isn’t a very turistic village, because people who like practising adventures sports goes to other villages which are nearest the mountains.
However, we can practise some sports in the water, because there are a lake very near, but we can only practise this sports in summer because the weather in winter is very cold. Besides we can go in the river because Pobla is in the middle of two rivers Flamisell and Noguera Pallaresa.

To sum up, Pobla is a small village, but we can find in it all services that a person needs, without going out of La Pobla.

dimarts, 30 d’octubre de 2007



Who would like to travel around the world? I would like it!

I’ve always thought if I won the lottery I would travel around the world with the money I would have won.

Why travel? Because travel is one of the most interesting experiences which can exist.

Travelling you learn both plenty of different cultures and different ways to live the life. Also you learn neither your country isn’t unique nor you’re the centre of the humanity.

You come across interesting things which help you to be better as a person, I’ve always think people who enjoy coming round to lots of different countries will be happier in their live because they will use all the life’s chances. At least they’ll have more chances to get their goals and they may obtain them because of the plenty of opportunities.

Where are the cons of travel? There aren’t.

I’ll give you and advice, travel, travel and travel.

dilluns, 29 d’octubre de 2007

The Machine is Us!

Watch this video and write a few lines about it, anything that it may suggest to you. We'll put all your ideas in common, and will discuss , for example, about the kind of changes that the Internet has brought in todays world.

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Dear all, we have finally managed to have our blog. It will be a space to write about anything you may want to share. You can also upload your favourite music, but please, accompany it with some comments. Remeber that our target is to improve our writing. I'll be waiting for your contributions. Have a nice weekend.