dimarts, 29 d’abril de 2008

The neighbour that I would like to have

Nowadays, I'm living in a big building where there are a lot of people, some of them sometimes turn on the radio too loud and I can listen to it like If it was in my flat. 
Before I knew everybody who lived in my building, but now there are some people that I have never spoken to. On the one hand, it is very good, because you have yoour own privacy, but on the other hand it's a problem, because If I need some help I can't ask anything to anybody, because I'm not confident.
I wish I had a good neighbours to rely on him, someone to leave my key to look after my flat and water my plants when I'm on holiday and above all to look after my kiten and feed it.
In conclusion, I prefer the neighbours who I had long time ago. However, I don't protest of my new neighbours.

My valley

"La vall Fosca" is a beatiful place. The literal translation is The Dark Valley.

In la Vall Fosca there are eighteen towns: La pobleta de Vellveí, Envall, la Plana de mont-ros, Molinos, Antist, Estavill, Castell, Astell, Oveix, Aguiró, Paüls, Pobellà, Mont-ros, la Torre de capdella, Aiguabella, Espui, la Central i Capdella. But the true five towns are: la Torre de capdella, Aiguabella, Espui, la Central i Capdella because are the more hight towns and there are less shining and less sun hours. La Vall Fosca is a cold place, there are very much pine, oak-tree and hight-grass. The earthly is mountainous and in a hightest places is rocky. In winter snow a lot times, but in summer there are a best temperatures of the county.

In conclusion La Vall Fosca is the greatest places for the lifes

dimarts, 22 d’abril de 2008

Saint Antoni's lake

One of my favorite places is Saint Antoni's lake. It's situated between La Pobla and Tremp. This lake is & very popular attraction, and for & good reason. It's the only lake we have to refresh ourselves when it's hot in Summer.

Near the lake there is a "xiringuito", it's a bar-restaurant where people have lunch, dinner and eat an ice-cream. It's a very attractive place.

On the lake there are fishes and canoes to go through the lake. In Summer, all the people of La Pobla go to the lake almost every day.

I highly recommend Saint Antoni's lake to anyone visiting La Pobla in Summer. It's more than a lake, it's an experience.

dilluns, 21 d’abril de 2008

Are footballers too well paid or not?

Nowadays, footballers are very well paid, some people think that it's too much for what they do. Others think it's is fair what they earn, because they have to save money as they have a very short profesional life and the team can dismiss them when the coach or the directive want.
Apart from the football money, they get more money than this in advertising, sometimes more than they earn in their team.

One of the disadvantages is that they have a poor family life as they are travelling the majority of time. Although they have a strong social life, for example dinners for the club, for the adverts...

Personally, I think that they earn for his efford and that what they receive is OK, because everybody knows how hard is the life of a football player, and besides everybody would like to be a famous footballer, in part for the money that they earn.

diumenge, 20 d’abril de 2008


I would never have thought that being a 15-year-old girl I would visit a country on the other side of the ocean like Canada.
Its capital is Ottawa, which we visited some years ago.
Canada is divided in two parts. In one part people speak French and in the other one they speak English. We stayed in the English part (Ottawa).
Canada is a cold country. The north is frozen and the south in winter they are about -20ºC. Thereby they can skate among the Rideau canal!
However, in summer there's a good temperature, as in May they celebrate a great tulip festival, where all the Parliament Buildings are surrounded by flowers!
I'd like to conclude by saying that Canada is a great country where you can visit hundreds of places and you still don't finish seeing them all, so I recommend everybody to visit it!

Just special

It’s known that St. Miquel is a humble church just next to la Pobla de Segur. People say that plenty of years ago la Pobla was situated there.

Every 8th May we go there to have lunch with our relatives or friends... It’s fantastic!

I’ve decided to describe this place due to the fact that it makes me feel relaxed, quiet, tranquil... When I feel sad, I often go there and sit down on a little stone while watching Pobla from the high. I think and I open my mind for myself. It’s by far, my favourite place in Pobla, it’s ten minutes far though.

Apparently, there is only a new little church with a fountain and another church which has to be rebuilt because of the bad conditions it has. Anyway this old church is my favourite in spite of having only two walls and an altar with some withered flowers.

I can’t explain with words the feeling it reminds me of. I think you have to feel it to understand.

dissabte, 19 d’abril de 2008


I'm going to describe a little village situated near Senterada. This village has three houses, a little church and nobody lives in it.
You will think why I'm describing such a small and lonely place, but it's one of the most significative places of my life. Burguet is the village of my ancestors, where my mother grew up and where I spent a part of my childhood.
This little place is wondelful, when you arrive there you feel better, this is caused because there's no pollution and the stress comes out of your mind.The nature is around you and dangers are far away from babies.

When I go there I feel free because when I was a child in Burguet I could do what I wanted. Although nowadays no one is living there I never feel alone as I have lots of beatiful memories from it. Therefore, I love going there and spend my free time feeling as when I was a child.

dijous, 10 d’abril de 2008

Original or pirate music?

Everybody in the world is listening to music almost once a day.

Everywhere you go music is on, in supermarkets and every kind of shops.

Some years ago CD’s were sold like hot cakes, everybody bought the CD of their favorite group as there wasn’t another way to have it. However, nowadays the Internet has appeared, and with this prodigious system you can download every kind of music without paying a euro, so what does everybody do? Download it from the Internet.

Artists continue selling lots of CD’s but there’s no comparison to years ago and they want to stop it.

From my point of view, artists should bring the prices of CD’s down because you pay almost 20 euros for a CD that contains ten songs, and it’s a robbery!

Moreover, today there’s the new machine: mp3! With that you don’t need to buy a CD, you simply have to put it to your computer and I think that this has perjudiced a lot in this way.

To sum up, both parts should pull their weight and things should go better, both parts would be satisfied.

dilluns, 7 d’abril de 2008

Rain, the best solution

These lasts days we have seen on television that Barcelona is finishing its water. If it doesn't rain inhabitants of there won't have enough water for all home tasks, and that means that almost the 50% of the population of Catalonia is going to suffer the consequences of the climatic change.

The government ais now searching the best way to solve this huge problem. One of them is getting water of the Segre's river ant take it to Barcelona's metropolitan area, but lots of persons are against it. Peasants of Lleida's province think that this will affect them too. They need a lot of water to water their vegetables and fruits. These peasants have made the politicians decide that it's not possible and that they are not going to do it. Another solution is to take water to Barcelona with specific trains, but the trains won't be able to transport the water until two moths.

In conclusion, the best one is the natural one, to rain, because it has been proved that no other things can replace it.

diumenge, 6 d’abril de 2008


Now, students of second of bachillerat around the world are in the worst time of the year. They will finish the course aproximatly on May 16st.
The students recently have had a week of holidays and just now they began the last term of the course. Teachers are nervous to preparate their students for the next selectivity. They want good marks for everyone. The students have a lot of work in a short period of time and day a day they became more nervous.
Probably this is the first time when the students have too much work to do and they aren't used to these situations.
Aproximatly in twoo weeks the exams will began and later they (the students) will stay in the last proves.
Second of bachillerat is the shortest course and the students have to pass all the exams to go out (to the university, work...) next year.
I'm a student of second of bachillerat this year. I'm really nervous for the last exams.
I wish I passed correctly this course and begin what I really like next year.

dissabte, 5 d’abril de 2008

Every day, every moment, every second...

There are some days we feel sad, without any goal to achieve without happiness...

I don’t like these days because you don’t enjoy them because you can’t! Everyone have had these kind of days but luckily we usually feel good and take profit of all the chances which life give us. Sad days are only good for one thing, they help you to realise how important is to enjoy every day, every moment, every second because they won’t happen any more.

I love waking up, putting cheerful music and beginning the day with a big smile hoping a fantastic journey with people known and unknown.

My wish, enjoying life as much as possible!

dimarts, 1 d’abril de 2008


Nowadays, there has been a revolution in the world of art, sometimes it surpasses the limits. But, where is really the border? Is art all the things which are shown in a museum? Theoretically, the art is the expression of our feelings through a different way than the ordinary, transmitting beauty with words, colours, sounds, etc.. But not everybody has the same idea of beauty and that is what causes this problem. I don't agree that a toilet is a work of art and the same happens with a dissected animal or with a leak on the ceiling, but all these things are shown today in important museums. Maybe the world is a bit crazy or perhaps today beauty is different than the idea of beauty which Velazquez had when he painted "Las Meninas". I think that everyone has got his or her own idea of beauty and art, because feelings are the most complicated thing in the world.