dijous, 8 de novembre de 2007

More than the machine

This video makes us think about how we use technology and how it influences in our lives. I hadn't noticed before that it's true: we are the real machine!Computers are only our tools.
Nowadays we use computers more than any other machine.
Actually, we don't read newspapers, we read the news on the internet, we don't write letters, we send e-mails, and a lot of more things wich are easier and cheaper with computers. Internet has completely change our lives, making them both faster and easier.
But there is another aspect of the video wich I don't agree.
On one hand, I think that digital text is a great invention, we can do a lot of things with it, but on the other hand, sometimes with digital text we can't express what with hand written one we can. Our letter tells a lot of things about us. It shows our personality, our character and even our emotions. It's not the same an e-mail than a letter.
Maybe we are the real machine but we are also the persons.