divendres, 2 de maig de 2008

Dealing with waste plastic

Every year people throw away millions of tones of plastic.
Plastic is made of petrol and this pollutes a lot. Furthermore, this creates huge mountains of waste that will never disappear.
Some years ago, scientists discovered how to reduce this problem by turning old plastic waste to new. It consists in a mechanism which melts every kind of plastic, and then they cool it producing a waxy substance that can be used to make new plastic items.
I’d to conclude by saying that we all could put our grain of sand by reusing plastic bottles and also by doing our shopping using “shopping baskets”, these ones that used to use our ancients.

dimarts, 29 d’abril de 2008

The neighbour that I would like to have

Nowadays, I'm living in a big building where there are a lot of people, some of them sometimes turn on the radio too loud and I can listen to it like If it was in my flat. 
Before I knew everybody who lived in my building, but now there are some people that I have never spoken to. On the one hand, it is very good, because you have yoour own privacy, but on the other hand it's a problem, because If I need some help I can't ask anything to anybody, because I'm not confident.
I wish I had a good neighbours to rely on him, someone to leave my key to look after my flat and water my plants when I'm on holiday and above all to look after my kiten and feed it.
In conclusion, I prefer the neighbours who I had long time ago. However, I don't protest of my new neighbours.

My valley

"La vall Fosca" is a beatiful place. The literal translation is The Dark Valley.

In la Vall Fosca there are eighteen towns: La pobleta de Vellveí, Envall, la Plana de mont-ros, Molinos, Antist, Estavill, Castell, Astell, Oveix, Aguiró, Paüls, Pobellà, Mont-ros, la Torre de capdella, Aiguabella, Espui, la Central i Capdella. But the true five towns are: la Torre de capdella, Aiguabella, Espui, la Central i Capdella because are the more hight towns and there are less shining and less sun hours. La Vall Fosca is a cold place, there are very much pine, oak-tree and hight-grass. The earthly is mountainous and in a hightest places is rocky. In winter snow a lot times, but in summer there are a best temperatures of the county.

In conclusion La Vall Fosca is the greatest places for the lifes

dimarts, 22 d’abril de 2008

Saint Antoni's lake

One of my favorite places is Saint Antoni's lake. It's situated between La Pobla and Tremp. This lake is & very popular attraction, and for & good reason. It's the only lake we have to refresh ourselves when it's hot in Summer.

Near the lake there is a "xiringuito", it's a bar-restaurant where people have lunch, dinner and eat an ice-cream. It's a very attractive place.

On the lake there are fishes and canoes to go through the lake. In Summer, all the people of La Pobla go to the lake almost every day.

I highly recommend Saint Antoni's lake to anyone visiting La Pobla in Summer. It's more than a lake, it's an experience.

dilluns, 21 d’abril de 2008

Are footballers too well paid or not?

Nowadays, footballers are very well paid, some people think that it's too much for what they do. Others think it's is fair what they earn, because they have to save money as they have a very short profesional life and the team can dismiss them when the coach or the directive want.
Apart from the football money, they get more money than this in advertising, sometimes more than they earn in their team.

One of the disadvantages is that they have a poor family life as they are travelling the majority of time. Although they have a strong social life, for example dinners for the club, for the adverts...

Personally, I think that they earn for his efford and that what they receive is OK, because everybody knows how hard is the life of a football player, and besides everybody would like to be a famous footballer, in part for the money that they earn.

diumenge, 20 d’abril de 2008


I would never have thought that being a 15-year-old girl I would visit a country on the other side of the ocean like Canada.
Its capital is Ottawa, which we visited some years ago.
Canada is divided in two parts. In one part people speak French and in the other one they speak English. We stayed in the English part (Ottawa).
Canada is a cold country. The north is frozen and the south in winter they are about -20ºC. Thereby they can skate among the Rideau canal!
However, in summer there's a good temperature, as in May they celebrate a great tulip festival, where all the Parliament Buildings are surrounded by flowers!
I'd like to conclude by saying that Canada is a great country where you can visit hundreds of places and you still don't finish seeing them all, so I recommend everybody to visit it!

Just special

It’s known that St. Miquel is a humble church just next to la Pobla de Segur. People say that plenty of years ago la Pobla was situated there.

Every 8th May we go there to have lunch with our relatives or friends... It’s fantastic!

I’ve decided to describe this place due to the fact that it makes me feel relaxed, quiet, tranquil... When I feel sad, I often go there and sit down on a little stone while watching Pobla from the high. I think and I open my mind for myself. It’s by far, my favourite place in Pobla, it’s ten minutes far though.

Apparently, there is only a new little church with a fountain and another church which has to be rebuilt because of the bad conditions it has. Anyway this old church is my favourite in spite of having only two walls and an altar with some withered flowers.

I can’t explain with words the feeling it reminds me of. I think you have to feel it to understand.

dissabte, 19 d’abril de 2008


I'm going to describe a little village situated near Senterada. This village has three houses, a little church and nobody lives in it.
You will think why I'm describing such a small and lonely place, but it's one of the most significative places of my life. Burguet is the village of my ancestors, where my mother grew up and where I spent a part of my childhood.
This little place is wondelful, when you arrive there you feel better, this is caused because there's no pollution and the stress comes out of your mind.The nature is around you and dangers are far away from babies.

When I go there I feel free because when I was a child in Burguet I could do what I wanted. Although nowadays no one is living there I never feel alone as I have lots of beatiful memories from it. Therefore, I love going there and spend my free time feeling as when I was a child.

dijous, 10 d’abril de 2008

Original or pirate music?

Everybody in the world is listening to music almost once a day.

Everywhere you go music is on, in supermarkets and every kind of shops.

Some years ago CD’s were sold like hot cakes, everybody bought the CD of their favorite group as there wasn’t another way to have it. However, nowadays the Internet has appeared, and with this prodigious system you can download every kind of music without paying a euro, so what does everybody do? Download it from the Internet.

Artists continue selling lots of CD’s but there’s no comparison to years ago and they want to stop it.

From my point of view, artists should bring the prices of CD’s down because you pay almost 20 euros for a CD that contains ten songs, and it’s a robbery!

Moreover, today there’s the new machine: mp3! With that you don’t need to buy a CD, you simply have to put it to your computer and I think that this has perjudiced a lot in this way.

To sum up, both parts should pull their weight and things should go better, both parts would be satisfied.

dilluns, 7 d’abril de 2008

Rain, the best solution

These lasts days we have seen on television that Barcelona is finishing its water. If it doesn't rain inhabitants of there won't have enough water for all home tasks, and that means that almost the 50% of the population of Catalonia is going to suffer the consequences of the climatic change.

The government ais now searching the best way to solve this huge problem. One of them is getting water of the Segre's river ant take it to Barcelona's metropolitan area, but lots of persons are against it. Peasants of Lleida's province think that this will affect them too. They need a lot of water to water their vegetables and fruits. These peasants have made the politicians decide that it's not possible and that they are not going to do it. Another solution is to take water to Barcelona with specific trains, but the trains won't be able to transport the water until two moths.

In conclusion, the best one is the natural one, to rain, because it has been proved that no other things can replace it.

diumenge, 6 d’abril de 2008


Now, students of second of bachillerat around the world are in the worst time of the year. They will finish the course aproximatly on May 16st.
The students recently have had a week of holidays and just now they began the last term of the course. Teachers are nervous to preparate their students for the next selectivity. They want good marks for everyone. The students have a lot of work in a short period of time and day a day they became more nervous.
Probably this is the first time when the students have too much work to do and they aren't used to these situations.
Aproximatly in twoo weeks the exams will began and later they (the students) will stay in the last proves.
Second of bachillerat is the shortest course and the students have to pass all the exams to go out (to the university, work...) next year.
I'm a student of second of bachillerat this year. I'm really nervous for the last exams.
I wish I passed correctly this course and begin what I really like next year.

dissabte, 5 d’abril de 2008

Every day, every moment, every second...

There are some days we feel sad, without any goal to achieve without happiness...

I don’t like these days because you don’t enjoy them because you can’t! Everyone have had these kind of days but luckily we usually feel good and take profit of all the chances which life give us. Sad days are only good for one thing, they help you to realise how important is to enjoy every day, every moment, every second because they won’t happen any more.

I love waking up, putting cheerful music and beginning the day with a big smile hoping a fantastic journey with people known and unknown.

My wish, enjoying life as much as possible!

dimarts, 1 d’abril de 2008


Nowadays, there has been a revolution in the world of art, sometimes it surpasses the limits. But, where is really the border? Is art all the things which are shown in a museum? Theoretically, the art is the expression of our feelings through a different way than the ordinary, transmitting beauty with words, colours, sounds, etc.. But not everybody has the same idea of beauty and that is what causes this problem. I don't agree that a toilet is a work of art and the same happens with a dissected animal or with a leak on the ceiling, but all these things are shown today in important museums. Maybe the world is a bit crazy or perhaps today beauty is different than the idea of beauty which Velazquez had when he painted "Las Meninas". I think that everyone has got his or her own idea of beauty and art, because feelings are the most complicated thing in the world.

dijous, 27 de març de 2008


Juno is the last film that I have seen. First of all it didn’t catch my attention, but some friends recommended it to me. They told me that was a story about a pregnant teenager and I thought that it would be the typical story of every film.

Some days later I realized that Juno had won the Oscar to the best writing and that was nominated to another ones, so I decided to watch it.

This film is starred by Ellen Page (Juno) who is only sixteen years old is a girl who has an encounter with Paulie, his best friend, and she is pregnant. At first she decides that she will have an abortion, but later she decides to have it and give it for adoption, so she has to search for an adoptive parents for her child and she found ones in the newspaper. Juno accepted a contract that when the baby born she won’t have contact with him.

On the last month of pregnancy Juno has some problems with the adoptive family but they will solve it. It’s a film which I recommend to everybody because it’s a different one, different to others.

dimecres, 26 de març de 2008

No reservations

Catherine Zeta-Jones's movie is the last movie that I have seen. It happens on a kitchen chef that receives her orphan niece in her house. This situation is new for Kate, the name of the protagonist. About the help of the new chef of the Kate’s kitchen, Kate will learn to having a good relation with her niece and this, will learn to understand her aunt by means of the kitchen.
I love the movies that happen in a kitchen or that the protagonists are cooks because for me, the world of the kitchen and food are a big important subject, and last summer I was worked in a kitchen, and there I had a lot of new experiences and I discovered that the hunger isn’t a vital custom: it is a great passion that could join the lives of the people. I think that it's very difficult to understand the big sacrifice of a cook because it's a very sacrificed work and the majority of times & is bad rewarded. But in my opinnion, I see me like my granmother and I like to cook!

I recomended this film!



For sometime in many cities of our country we can find boys and girls practicing parkour.

When I hears to talk about this discipline I surprised myself and I thought that the people who practiced it were crazy, but I knew a boy who practiced this discipline and he explained me in what it consisted. To my seemed me interesting and that's why I think that it can interest you.

Parkour: It originates from "parcour" that it means "covered" in French.
Pk: Abbreviation of "parkour".
Traceur: Medical Assistant of Parkour. It means "plotter". The feminine one is "traceuse".
The parkour is a discipline that consists on being displaced by the urban area or natural, overcoming the obstacles that present themselves in your tour (you fence in, walls, empty...) in the possible most fluid and most efficient way, and with the only possibilities of the human body.
This discipline requires a great training to carry out the different movements (jumps, climbed, etc.) that it implicates, but besides a mind decided to surpass the fears themselves, a great concentration, and a strong spirit is necessary.

After this brief explanation I put a demonstration of this modality for you:


It was a summer day, the hottest day and that was why I couldn't sleep more.I got up and I sat in my bed, I closed my eyes to think what I was going to do, the clock showed me it was 6 o' clock in the morning, so I got dressed and I came out from home. At the beginning, the only I did was going round and round the little village I was on vacation, but lately something appeared in my mind, the sunrise was starting. Run, that's what I did, ran to the harbour, to sit on the biggest stone to have the best sight of this magical landscape. When I arrived nobody was there, the loneliness was involving my body, so I looked around to take the best place, I sat down on a stone that was huge and the sunrise kept all my attention.
When the sunrise had finished I closed my eyes, there were no sounds, it was full of peace and I felt that I was better than never before. But suddenly something made me feel fear, a hand was on my shoulder, I turned my head slowly and a smile appeared in my face.

Your castles

Here you have your contribution to the project Castles of Europe. Congratulations!

dimarts, 25 de març de 2008

My ideal job

Joggers who get up early and run through the park, executives who try to work off stress with a game, and people who do bodybuilding may all be shortening their lives. The secret to a long and happy life is… being lazy. Of course! I don’t say that work it’s bad but in other words, I think when you have time to enjoy your personal life, you work much better. People who work 50 or 60 hours a week don’t have any time at all and this is very important. Sometimes these eat very badly because his lunch hour (about half past and hour or less time) isn’t enough to have a proper meal. Maybe they earn a lot of money but… is it worth it?

The right job is that where you would like to work as part of a team, enjoy all the time, know listening to people, have overtime to dedicate your private life with your family, friends and good timetable. If you have a good job, you will probably happy and get a big salary. The money doesn’t important until up to a point. It helps for some things and satisfies more.

I hate jobs that wear a uniform, must be get up early, work l& ong hours at night and weekends. I think that work it could be peaceful and contribute a happy and grateful life.

A dream coming true

Holiday, holiday and holiday!! I’m looking forward to the next holiday, Summer! In Summer I will have finished school and have made all the exams therefore I’ll be so relaxed, cool!! I can’t wait, I need the satisfaction of having all done and have free time for myself! I will go out with my friends, sleep, travel, it must be perfect! Sometimes I close my eyes and I imagine, I dream what my holiday will be like. I don’t know why but this year I’m very excited about holiday, maybe because I’m too tired and bored or maybe because it always reminds me happiness. I need a change and Summer stands for it.I will be dreaming my vacation as long as it doesn’t arrive, do you want to share my illusion?


I'm going to writte about the worst experience of my life. It was one year ago, when I went to Barcelona to pass the
music exams to join in the "ESMUC" (Escola Superior De Musica De Catalunya). I studied very hard for one year, only to preparate these exams. All weekends I stayed in Rialp playing acordion. First I played alone, later I played with the other people who preparates these exams. The definite day, we went to Barcelona. I played two songs. My music liked the judge. In the afternoon, I went to another class to being the theoric exams. I passed correctly three exams, but in the last one I had a 4,6. I failed the last prove and so I couldn't join in the school.
I know that joining was difficult because the judge chooses only two acordion players for year. But, every day I thought in these exams. It's my dream and I didn't pass &. This situation was horrible for me, but I wish I passed & next year. finnally, I know that it was a bad situation, probably the worst in my life, but now I know that I can't have all I wan't in my life. maybe I pass this exams in the future ;)

dilluns, 24 de març de 2008


On Friday 14th at 6:15 on the afternoon my flight took off. My cousin was waiting for me when I arrived. We drave aproximately an hour to Heidelberg. Oriol called a friend to have dinner together. We went to a German restaurant, but they threw us out because the kitchen was closed so we went to another restaurant were we ate pizzas. Then we went out, but we came back home early because I was very tired. On the next day, we went to see Heidelberg's castle and the "Haupstrasse" were I cood buy a lot of souvenirs and other things. On the afternoon we went to Darmstadt to visit a friend, Laia. We could see her acting on the theatre. It was amazing! Then we went to a "Tailandés" and when we had finished we drave Laia to Frankfurt's train station. She had to take a train to a small city were she would have an audition. We came back home at 3 o'clock at midnight. On Sunday we had breakfast on a typical restaurant at 12:00 and then we visited the laboratoy where my cousin works. It was really interesting!!!

divendres, 14 de març de 2008


The law forbids the euthanasia because & is illegal to kill somebody. They think that if somebody who can not do anything in his own so he wants to die and a friend does the favour of giving him the lethal medicine, the friend will be considerate as a murder and he will be judged as a murder.
I disagree with this because if I was suffering a lot and I knew that I were going to die, I would prefer to die before continuing suffering. Why can not I die if I want? I know that everybody has the right of life but they have to considerate these terminally cases. They only think that if the patient can not do any in his own and die, this is a murder and the “criminal” has to be judged.
On the other hand& & are the arguments that any people give to apologise this law. But I do not know what these arguments are and I can not imagine any.
As & conclusion I can say that everybody would have the right of die when he wants, although it is a bit perplexing conclusion.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Triangle of Devil and The Leaf blade the Lost, is a geographical area located in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida (The union of these three points form, logically, a triangle). It is famous because in this area has been numerous disappearances of ships and planes, many of whom are still without explication, as well as certain phenomena that some have reported (lights, malfunction of compasses, among others). The triangle which form the above points is nearly equilateral, with an approximate area of 1.2 million km² (almost half a million square miles).

dimarts, 11 de març de 2008

Music, a language

Music is universal. It is produced by all the cultures. Scientists believe that music became before speech. Their theory is that languages were sing rather than spoken. Researchers also say that when a women is pregnant and she listens to music that she likes, the foetus feels well and also enjoys the good feeling that his or her mother has at that moment. It is also proved that if you go to a school and you tell a story to children, they will better remember if the story is sing than spoke.
In the Hospitals, people who suffer from mental ills, they have better recovery on listening to music. I totally agree with this. I, when I feel bad, tired, exhausted or happy I also listen & music (it depens on my mood the music I listen to) but if I tell you the truth it relax me a lot and it makes me feel better.



Actually, we can see some debates of smokers and non smokers in the mass media.
Recently, the law that forbide smoking in some public places causes a big discussion. People who smoke say that they nedd a cigarette with the coffe, beer, chocolate and in their breakfast, and in the afternoon too (for example) and non smoker people say that the smoke annoys them a lot.
Is the solution to this problem to separate this two types of people in different public places?
Personally, I think it’s a difficult situation, because nowadays there a lot of people who smoke.
I think that there are some situations that the smoke annoys another people a lot, for example in restaurants, but it isn’t necessary to separate people in the bars.
There are different situations when people should have to learn to conform and be more patient.

dilluns, 10 de març de 2008


From the tiny covert gap of my new room, I could discover the first vernal Monday; a sky without any cloud, covered with a dazzing sun and this was illuminating my room. In the horizon I could see Eigers' edge snowed. All the fields surrounding my wooded house were full of small thicket and white and yellow flowers, these trampled on by the sheep.

I had a premonition and I went quickly to the door. He was there. I stopped exactly at his side. He looked at me and he kissed me. His lips were cold. I thought that perhaps he had drunk a glass of cold milk. But I woke up few minuts later and then I knew my father, despite being dead, loved me.

Time to make decisions

This year is the last one for us, the most important course. Lots of things are in our heads, to have the bests marks, think about what degree we should choose and how are going to be our tests to enter to university.
We are too young to make a desicion that is going to chance our future. Nowadays, almost only 30 % of the people of my generation knows what they want to study and later to work.
Moreover, we are only teenagers and we want to live our lives and worry about nothing. We need to be free but we have to get used to adult life.Therefore, this last year in high school tries to change a little bit our mids, our concerns, to make us realise the importance of this last period of school.
So, it's a difficult year for us, like I've said before, time to make decisions and these ones are the most important that we have ever made. And now I think I'm the one that should think more about what I will do with my future, I haven't taken a decision yet.

Spring is coming

I like spring very much, because I like when the flowers are blossing, the weather is not as cold as in winter and days are longer.

In the lasts years the weather has changed a lot, because of the greenhouse effect which affects people, animals and the temperature of the atmosphere. The seasons of the year are changing too much, so there are some good and bad things in our lives with these changes.
One bad thing is that when the weather should be good is very cold, so we come back to the winter and it happens the same with the trees and the plants, and the consequences are terrible, because the trees get frozen.
Another bad thing for people are the allergies caused by the pollution and for the changes of the weather.

I would like that the weather and the seasons would be like before, that everywhere had got appropiate climate to the season.

Trying to improve

At last I'm eighteen so the last sunday I could go to vote for these new elections of the government of Spain. Some days before, I was really happy and excited because it was the firts time for me, but not all the people felt like me. I spoke with some friends who are already eighteen and some of them told me that they wouldn't go to vote. Their reasons were good. They don't trust the politicians and think that any one of them think really with us. Nowadays, we have got a lot of problems in this society. For the youngsters & is impossible to do some kind of things like live alone and rent or buy an apartment. Another important problem is the job and money. Now, salaries are too lower in comparison with prices of the most of the things, specially for the young people who sometimes have a lot of problems to find a well paid job, and many times they have to work and study at the same time. Everybody say that we are the future but if we continue for this way, our future will be very hard. I agree with my friends and for this reason, yesterday, I went to vote, because I hope that things can be better and we are who have to try it.

diumenge, 9 de març de 2008

Job risks

It is said, that there are too many job accidents but did you ask yourself why?
Many people are hurt or killed every year while they are working. Danger is everywhere, in a house, in a school, in a factory, on the roads...
Everybody who has people working for himself looks after him workers' safety. But even though, things are not so clear.
A manager may think that he has everything under control, but if his workers don't carry out the law, for example wearing a helmet, the security is out.
nowadays the law watches out for all of those who don't obey the rules and if security is not carried out literally, a high punishment might happen to them.

Fake politicians

Just in a few days we are going to know who will be the new president of Spain. How should we feel? I would like to vote but I can’t as I’m not eighteen! It’s a pity!

Anyway, I want to give my opinion. Mainly, I’m very upset because of the politicians. They are always putting forward purposes which everybody knows they won’t do. Then what can we do?

It’s worthless to trust them, it’s always the same and I’m quite tired! If I were them, I would try to improve our country, however, they only want to bring in a lot of money for themselves.

In Spain there are a lot of organizations, but only two are the most important. Who is the best? Zapatero or Rajoy? You may agree more with one than with the other but at the end they are quite similar. They only try to put down each other forgetting that the most important thing is the population and not them. Instead of correcting their mistakes, they prefer explaining the other’s. They are so childish! I’ll be so disappointed in politics as long as our president is a person who is always reproaching, hiding his mistakes without correcting them. They lie and use us to achieve their personal goals. I hope one day it’ll change for better and only then I’ll trust in politics.

diumenge, 24 de febrer de 2008

The bottle imp

On the last Christmas week, my friends and I went to the cinema to watch a film. On the wall of the cinema there was a pretty poster. It said: "The bottle imp". The shape of the words and the images there were in it attracted my attention.

"You can't break this bottle because it's magic. Inside there is an imp. This imp is very powerful. You can have everything you want: love, money, job..." When Keawe, a young hawaiian sailor hears this, he decides to buy this amazing bottle imp. This imp can make all his wishes come true... Although, he soon discovers it also gives you some serious problems.

I can't explain you the end of the film because if I do this, it hasn't got any mistery!!!

Naples crowded of lumber

This morning I was reading the newspaper when I have seen an article that has kept my attention. Naples is full of rubbish, it's not possible to walk around the streets because of the bad smell.
If someone explains you a fact like this, the first thing you will think is that he's talking about a poor country where they don't have a dump. However, this fact is not from a poor country, it's from Italy, from Naples.
It's difficult to understand why Naple's people are not complaining about what's happening, but something is hiden. Camorra gang is the main guilty of this amount of junk, they own all the dumps of the city, which are full, and they don't want to build more of them.
Camorra leads Naples, all the politicians are afraid of them and this makes them feel the owners of the city.
The only thing I want to show with this piece of news is that it's possible that in a developed country and nowadays it is more important what a gang wants than what the citizens desire. Something is going wrong, don't you think?


I’m going to talk about the importance of music in our lives. It’s proved that people who play an instrument have more developed their minds and senses.
Music helps people to have more attention with things which other people don’t notice. I can’t generalise this topic, but I have played two instruments for a long time (aprox. 10 years). Music helped me sometimes when I was nervous, angry…
Now, music is an important part of my life. If I go out in holidays and I haven’t got my instruments, I miss them a lot. I need music in my life for a lot of reasons. Playing these instruments gives me a lot of important senses; for example when I won the International price of accordion celebrated the last October in Mondragon (Pays Basque). This was one of the most important satisfactions in my life and I will never forget this brilliant experience.
Obyously, music isn’t an easy thing.
Musicians have to be constant and they have to sacrificate a lot of things to play well their instruments.
Finally, I recommended music to all people because probably music like them.

The means of transport

Nowadays, there are several means of transport, for example, taxis, busses, cars, trains, planes… and all of them have advantages and disadvantages.
Taxis are very comfortable but they are very expensive. Busses are slower but there are cheaper, but they are always crowed. Trains are possibly the most utilized. By the way today the AVE is inaugurated. It was a train very loved and finally has down the traject Madrid – Barcelona and Barcelona – Madrid several times.
Today’s comments are that it’s very fast but it’s too expensive.
In conclusion, I think that the means of transport, in general, are good, because they don’t polluted to mach.
For these reasons, I prefer the public transport to the private car.

What about immigration?

Nowadays, one of the most important fact is immigration. Just in the last 3 years millions of people from different poor countries have arrived in Europe’s developed countries. Spain has welcomed plenty of foreigners mainly from Morocco and South America.

I have made an investigation task about immigration and certainly I’ve learned a lot about the subject.

Some Spanish people are very afraid of foreigners, they feel foreigners are invading our country therefore, they act with an stupid attitude which is racism.

I think they don’t want to realise that people want to come trough. Moreover, they want to have a normal life which includes eating, working, drinking, having fun… They only want to have the same chances as everybody. Chances which their country lacks.

Instead of putting us in their situation, we are still criticizing and judging their coming to Spain. Don’t you think we would do the same if we were them? Would we resist in a country where we couldn’t have a house, where we couldn’t feed our children enough an so on? I don’t think so. Furthermore, we should think they are also people like us, and it doesn’t matter their skin’s colour or the country from which they are. They are only people who want to fight for having a fair and happy life. Don’t we have the same goals?

American Pie

These films are one of the most famous productions around the world.
They are about the life that the Americans have when they are at University.
In these films the young people live their lives to the extrem in the Universities because it's reflected that the only things that they do are drinking alcohol, taking drugs and no more. This may be true, but not so exagerated.

From my point of view, it's a bad example for the rest of the youth, because the audience who see these films are the majority adolescents.
This can look like a disaster in real life but it's amusing on the film because it make us laugh.

dimarts, 12 de febrer de 2008


The last weekend I saw the Juno, a film who is nominate to OSCARS.

Juno MacGuff a girl16-year-old discovers she is nine weeks pregnant by her friend and longtime admirer, Paulie Bleeker. Although she initially opts for an abortion, a last minute change of heart leads her to decide to have the baby and make a plan for the child's adoption. With the help of her friend Leah, Juno searches the Pennysaverand finds a couple she feels will provide a suitable home. Along with her father, Mac, Juno meets the couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring, in their expensive home and finalizes the adoption arrangements.

Not long before her baby is due, Juno is once again visiting with Mark when their friendship takes a sudden turn toward something more serious. Mark then confesses that he is leaving Vanessa. Vanessa arrives home and an argument ensues between her and Mark about whether or not it is "bad timing" for them to proceed with the adoption. Shocked and distraught, Juno drives off. She pulls over to cry and soon comes to a decision. Returning to the Lorings' home, she leaves a note for Vanessa.

After a heartfelt discussion with her father, Juno accepts that she loves Paulie and reveals her feelings to him. Later at his track event, when Paulie notices Juno is not in the stands and realizes she must be in labor, he rushes to the hospital to be with her during delivery. Afterward, he comforts Juno and they both agree not to see the baby. Instead, Vanessa comes to the hospital where she alone joyfully claims the newborn boy as a now-single adoptive mother. Above the baby's crib in his new nursery, Vanessa has replaced a portrait of her and Mark with Juno's note, which reads "Vanessa: If you're still in, I'm still in."

In conclusions, I like the film and I think that everybody can see it.
Metallica is an American heavy metal band that & formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Founded when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, Metallica's original line-up consisted of Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield,

Metallica has released eight studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, nine videos, and is working on a ninth studio album lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and bassist Ron McGovney.

The band's 1991 album Metallica, has sold over 15 million copies, which makes it the 25th highest selling album in the United States.

The most famous Metallica’s songs are the rock-balad Nothing else matters and the reality heavy song Master of Puppets


dilluns, 11 de febrer de 2008

"La lista de Sitler"

I’m going to talk about the film “La lista de Shitler”.This film describe the period when in Germany there was the dictatorial oh Hitler. Hitler was a dictator who though that the white race was superiors to the black one.
He put the Jewedish people in concentration fields.
He wanted to extinguish the black race, so he mistreated the prisoners.
All the film make me suffer from the beginning to the end.The action happens in Germany, and it compares the live of rich people to the people who lives in the concentration fields. In this film we can see the horror of the people who lived in so poor conditions that they didn’t have even water to drink and wash.

In conclusion, I like this film because it makes clear the cruel reality tha the Jewedish people lived in Germany in the second world wor.

diumenge, 10 de febrer de 2008

Catch me if you can

“Catch me if you can” is a comedy film of Steven Spilberg starred by Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks.

It is about a fraud man who makes himself to pass through pilot, doctor, lawyer, and other jobs in only 21 years old.

Near all this situation there is a FBI police (Tom Hanks) that keeps an eye on him.

However, this young man seems to be cleverer because every time that is in danger of being captured, he achieved to escape. Making all these frauds Frank W. Abagnale (Leonardo Dicaprio) gets to earn a lot of money, but on the other hand he lost his father.

There are lots of funny moments, he gets the place of director of an hospital and he doesn’t know anything about medicine… and the most important thing: he flies around the world free!

Finally, police capture him, taking him to prison.

If I have chosen this film, it is because it’s a very amusing one which you can watch wherever you are, because it’s sure that you will get entertained.

The perfum

This is one of my favourite books and I have already read it twice.
The story takes place in the 18th century in France. It's about a man who has got an extra developed sense of smell and first he started creating incredible perfums which smell so good. But lately, he wants to create a special fragance, the best in the worl, and to do this, he doesn't need flowers, he needed young and beautiful girls. Jean-Baptiste, which is his name, thinks that young girls have got the best smell of the world and he wants to posses that. Then, he became a murder who kills the most beautiful girls in France and after he covers them with fat to extract their smells. Finally, he gets his goal but he is caught by the police and the people decide to kill him. But when he is ready to be killed, he opens the bottle with the perfum in it and the people, when they smell that excelent creation decide to let him free. Jean-Baptiste returs to Paris but there he feels that his live hasn't any sense and he decide to die.

dissabte, 9 de febrer de 2008


“Dangerous Minds” is an execellent drama movie. It was directed by John N. Smithry Buckheimer.
The story takes place in one area in Northern California.
The most important character is LouAnne Johnson, who leaves a nine-year military career to try as an English teacher in a high school.
There, she has to teach a “special” group of students who change her live. And she changes theirs too.
LouAnne becomes Hal's friend. Hal is another teacher. LouAnne teaches and helps her students not only as a teacher; she was also a friend for them.
Carla becomes pregnant and she decides to leave school. LouAnne tries to convince her about not to do that because she is a great student, although she doesn't think so and wants to waste her intelligence.
But finally the teacher can't do anything. After that, Emilio is killed by a man who wants to separe Emilio and his girlfriend. It saddens LouAnne very much and she decides to communicate her students that she is going to leave school. They don't think it's a good idea and they finally convince her to stay, because they need her.
They say that she's like their pusher, because she has the goods, the help that they need. And LouAnne doesn't leave.
She's proud of them and she finally decides to stay. The objective of this film is to make us learn that you always have to go on, happens what happens.
I really enjoyed it and I’ve seen it many times. It's one of my favourite films and I think much people need to see it, because they like it very much.

Las trece rosas

Las trece rosas is a film which explains a true story from the franquist's epoque. It shows us the difficultyof living in Spain at that time if you didn't think as Franco.

In this movie thirteen women ,whose age was between nineteen an twenty-four, were condemned to die because of taking part of JSU ( juventudes socialistas unidas) which was against Franco's ideology.

This story takes part in Madrid when the civil war was finished, in 1939. All of these women were couturier from a modest family which has lost some of their members in the war. The only thing that these girls wanted taking part of JSU was enjoy with the sport activities that it had. However, they tried to put off Franco's arrival in Madrid giving people papers where "menos Franco y más pan blanco" was written. This fact made them go to the prison.

After being some months in prison these bold, fighters and full of happiness women were killed, they were innocent.

Spain in becoming more and more like THE USA

Americans have lot of influence in the European countries. We are importing their culture and although most of them don’t think about it, we could live in the USA like in Spain without differences.

Spain, like each European country, is becoming more and more like the United States of America because, on second thoughts, we would realise that we are rounded by them. Actually, we has imported all their technology and we use lots of things that are made in America. Moreover, we are copying their programms and the basic structure of our media is similar to theirs.

Every European people wears American trends: Nike, Levi's... Nowadays, we frecuently have fast food, what means that we are losing our Mediterranean diet, in spite of being considered as the healthiest. Also our shops seem American, for instance, lots of department stores are being established, and the ways of marketing are the same, therefore we can buy the same products here than in USA.

In my opinion, the main reason which could explain this influence would be the mass media. Most of the films that we watch are made in the USA, and the same happens with advertisement. It means that we act like them.

To sum up, we had colonised them 500 years before, but at the moment we are becoming a part of their huge imperialism.

An adapted mixture

It isn’t a normal book. It mixes an interesting story with the knowledge of a distant culture. Its name is “Memorias de una Geisha”.

It’s based in a real story of a geisha in Japan. Geishas, in Japan, are women who share funny meetings with important men and they make them enjoy parties. They aren’t prostitutes as almost everybody says, they are artist as their name’s meaning.

This book explains a famous geisha’s experience, what the geisha life was like and how did she feel working. It is set in a little village of Japan in 1900 more a less. At that time, geishas were in all the men’s parties playing instruments, dancing, talking... They had to follow a hard education to be able to work as a geisha besides succedding. Being a geisha although the effort it supposed was a chance for every girl.

This book made me cry and feel the emotions of the protagonist' situations. Although, it has a happy end the story is so hard and sometimes very sad. Anyway there are amazing situations which made me laugh, for these reasons and more and more and so on I recommend this book for everybody who wants to have a good time and learn about the Japanese culture which is very interesting.

divendres, 8 de febrer de 2008


Human Trade (Tráfico Humano) is a real film about the human trade that affects our world. The director shows in it how these kind of traffics are made.

The film is based on a true story in the west countries. The group of criminals organized a fashion model contest. All the girls were very exited with the contest because that could be an oportunity to visit the United States. Most of them are between sixteen to twenty-five years old but there were also younger girls.

That criminal company of human trade owned lots of brothels but they ough to be on hiding places. The story is about some main characters who are victims of the traffic. These women are sexualy raped and physicaly abused.

Finally, the FBI catched the group. Some of the victims had been killed by the criminals and others are in proces to recovering their lives.

On the end of the film, previously of seeing the name of the director, actors.... it said that every year in all the world are traded with 800.000 people!!!

I recomend you this film because it shows a world real problem, but you have to be very strong because of their cruel realism.

dimarts, 29 de gener de 2008

Equal pay for equal work

I think that it isn't important if the worker is a man or a woman, the important for me is the work.
I don't know why the woman salary is inferior & a man salary if they do the same work.
more people think that the women work is bad and I can't understand it. women can do the same work of men and & do it well.
I think that every person who works in & equal work nedd to have & equal salary.
In conclusion, the important is if the worker do well her / his work, not if it is a women or men.

Our biggest problem

Nowadays, one of the biggest problem of the world is the climatic change. All of us have heard about it but maybe we don't give to it enough importance. The most of the people think that it's very far from them and others are sure that it is an invention.
But the climate change is obvious. The world's temperature is going up every year and we can feel it, our air is more polluted but we take the car continously, the water levels are decreasing but our pools are still full and many things more.
I think that we need a change of thought inmediately or the next generations will live in a garbage world. We should change our way of live because what we are doing is not advancing. Maybe it seems difficult but it isn't, only some small changes in our life can make big advances in the world.
The future of this still beautiful planet is in our hands, so today when you go to the shower or to throwing the garbage think about the polar bears which are drowning under the water of the ice of the Artic or about the deserts that are in places where some time ago were full of trees.

dilluns, 28 de gener de 2008


For many nigths I am dreaming. I feel caught and can’t go out. I wouldn’t like to wake up in the middle of the night and don't have to embrace my pillow to return to sleep.
In my dream, I can neither move nor speak, I only can look and cry. Contrasting to it, in the morning I wake up and see the sun. I am happy, but when the sun goes down, my dream returns. Ant this situation is difficult for me.
I don’t know if this dreams are a message or probably only it is my head, or probably of being nervous.
When I wake up in the night and I can’t sleep I listen a song that helps me return to rest. There are some nights that I do not dream but that isn’t the habit.
Now I go to sleep, sweet dreams!


We know that clothes in school are important.
This one is a actual subject around the world. In all countries are important the constant arrival of inhabitants of other countries, with other cultures, other thoughts... These migrations have generated in the diverse countries a debate of the veil (Moroccan) in the schools. There are countries that have banned it totally; however, others allow it, generating a great controversy between students, parents...
If a Spanish student (putting an example) must by custom wear caps, when entering the schools he is forced to clear it to it until the hour of the exit. Why then the Moroccans can take a veil, when they covers the head With the same form that a cap? The truth is I don’t understand anything; I hate the division, classifications without a good argument.
I believe that a good form to help them to adapt to the respective countries would begin by the learning of our norms. If we began allowing it everything, but ahead there will be nothing to do, and I believe that if here we are forced "to dress decently" to go to the schools, they also must be it to take off the veil. Evidently this not this in my hands, that is that I will continue accepting the norms while I see that those that arrive from other countries does what it gives the desire them.


TV programs

I believe that we should think on for a moment which TV programs are broadcasted. Nowadays on television there are lots of programs that are rubbish. I’d like to remark some kinds of them.

One kind could be this programms which people go there and to the simple fact to explain them life in public to earn money. Another thing that is very important is that people enjoy seeing them a lot and I’m very sure that they are lying only for money.

I’d like also to complain of another kind of programs. In mass media when sports are broadcasted ; which is the main one? Football of course! Firstly, I have to say that this kind of programms aren’t rubbish but it would be nice that they tell the news deeper because there’s people that enjoy some sports that aren’t broadcasted on TV. To sum up every day people like to watch more and more TV and it would be nice to some educational programms.

Are we going to change the world?

Nowadays, young people think that they would be able to create a new word. They think their qualifications to lead a country are better than the ones that our politicians have.
Only a small part of this is true because we study more, we get degrees and masters, but at university we don't get the master of what life is like . We have best studies but we have no experience and that's the most important thing.
Probably our generation will have better studies but we will have difficulties to find a work of what we have studied. So, do you think that we will be the ones who will improve our world?
We are not sure, it will be difficult. It's very difficult to change the earth and our way of life.
As I've said before I think that we cannot improve or change the society in only fifty years. It's certain that we learn more things but I think that's not the only that a person needs to be a good politician and leader of a country.

A productive meeting

Last weekend I was talking with an old friend with whom I went together in high school. We met in a pub of my village, I hadn't seen him for one year more a less.
When we were classmates, we just talked when we needed so we had a poor relationship, however, that Saturday night was different.
We began talking and talking explaining what we have done during this last year. Thirty minutes later appeared in our conversation an issue about which everybody talks, What will we do in our future?We began discussing about what we will study and we arrived at the same conclusion. We want to study a degree which brings something to our society. For example, I would like to study a degree whose subjects are based in helping people who don't have the chances to live a normal life. I will be able to work as another worker although I'll be bringing just a little thing to improve this world.
Maybe you will think it's just a silly idea but I'm sure I will be satisfated when I help someone whose life is unfair.
My friend would like to work as a man who controls the pollution of multinationals , it is also a good idea, isn't it?

Just in a simple conversation we were talking about the world and the situation in which we are living. It was so interesting that I would like to talk with him again.

diumenge, 27 de gener de 2008

I'm a driver

On 17th of January I had the driving exam, and I pass it . But now the problem is the car. My parents have got two cars but one of theme is very old and it doesn't work ok. So we have to drive the same car. Some of our problems are where we put the car The solution could be to write on a paper where the car is. That way, we all know the situation of the car.

My parents asked me to buy a second hand car, but it's not a necessity for me. I live near the school and the next year I'm going to study in Lleida or in Barcelona and there are so public transports.

In my opinion, the car makes lots of problems but If I had one which was mine, I wouldn't have such problems as I have today.

the computer games

I think that playing with a computer games is interesant, because the children can learn diferent leanguages. In addition, this is a good thing, because the kids can open his mind with an entertained way. Also, playing with games can gice to the children, skill and more concentration to apply in the real life. But sometimes, the children playing with a computer games for a long time and this is bad for their eyes and their mind. I think that the parents are the responsable of their children and they have to tell them when they have to stop to play with the games.

The pollution

Mass media informs people about the pollution problem everyday. Nowadays, the world has arrived in one unsustainable situation because the big multinationals pollute too much, and it damages the ambience with the acid rain. Another source of pollution are the cars, because in big city’s there are to many vehicles. Everybody should take part in this problem and act in consequence. For example, consume less electricity, petrol, plastic bags…Personally, I think that & is very important & preserve the nature and the environment because & are the best of world. For these reasons, everybody should participate for change this cruel reality.

diumenge, 20 de gener de 2008

New Ninja

Formerly the ninjas were champions of their causes, but things change.

Earlier this year a man dressed in ninja stole $ 225000 valuables. The stolen items are rings, earrings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and money.

The ninja uses a cane style martial art, and has the ability to climb walls crawling high, penetrating houses through the windows, and ends in a few minutes.

It has been seen about 19 times in the same neighborhood, but nobody has been able to identify him so far. The authorities believe that the next committing misdeeds since May last year, when he began to break down the doors of garages, roofs and uploaded to slip through the doors of black and wearing a ski mask.

This seems like a joke but it is a story that I found last week surfing in the net in net.

dimarts, 15 de gener de 2008


Last December I was going to Tignes, French alps. I was going to skiing.

The pistes of tignes are vary big, the all mountains are white because in alps snowing more than & other mountains. For example Pirineus. The snow's quality is better than & the other sites, because the alttitude of Tignes is very important. The installations of Tinges are very new and modern because in Tignes skiing much people.

I would the skiing pistes of pirineus had been similar than alps

dilluns, 14 de gener de 2008

the young people

I am going to speak about the relationship that exists between young people and old people, since it is one be afraid that I believe that it can be interested.I believe that, today young people in day they have very badly seen without motive, only for being young people. It is possible that there are young people who are bad, play with the people and do things that should not be done, but the old people do not have to judge them all equally, since any of us, though we smoke or drink, do not have the mentality of criminals and not kill to anybody for doing this. Sometimes, we make bad things, for example, I often answer badly to my parents, to my grandparents and to other relatives, and they only want to help me.In conclusion, I think that both the young people and the old people, we have to respect some others and to help ourselves.

diumenge, 13 de gener de 2008

New Year’s Eve party

This has been an especial New Year’s Eve for me.

All began a day we decided we could do a dinner for that special day, at first I thought that it wouldn’t prosper the idea but I were wrong. Some days before New Year’s Eve we began to prepare the party that would become the best that I’ve done in a lot of time!

We prepared the dinner with a lot of food, the grapes or olives and the typical “cotillón”. After having dinner, we had only ten minutes to prepare the grapes! At twelve o’clock we welcomed the new year with a champagne glass!

After that we went to a bar to meet all our friends and to wish all the best for the 2008.

Furthermore this year there was something new! There was a party in the sports centre. This was an excellent thing that has never been in La Pobla.

To sum up, I’d like to say that it has been the best entrance to the year 2008!


On 21th we left school and just on 24th I started working in “Tremp’s Cap”. On 24th I worked at afternoon and at night I met my family to celebrate together Christmas Eve. Then I went out with my friends and my boyfriend. On the following day we opened the Father Christmas’ presents.
Another important day during this vacation was 29th. And you may be asking yourselves, why? My parents and my friends prepared me a party to celebrate my birthday. It was amazing! They gave me as a present a digital camera. Afterwards, New Year’s Eve arrives. But this year it was a little bit different. The council prepared the sports centre to do there celebration there. They paid an orchestra and a material to put it on the floor not to damage the selfsame one.

A week after, approximately, on 5th I invited my boyfriend to have dinner in a restaurant. Then we went out since late at night. And or course, like on 24th I had to got up early, without sleeping to open the gifts because of the lovely innocence of my little sister. To sum up, this vacation I had been working a lot but I also went out and had fun! I have really enjoyed this Christmas.

Work for the public

Nowadays there are a lot of people who don’t wont to work for the public.
There are some reasons:
Most of people doesn’t have a good education and are disagreeable before the public, although you are sad you must seem that it doesn’t happen anything and although you are not very well you can´t express anything.
What is the problem?
The people who work for the public, most of them aren’t pleasant, there have a lot of violent situations, etc. Then, people complaint of bad service. The solution is not easy but it would be possible to have a try. If the workers who work for the public, worked less hours, they wouldn’t be so tired and nervous and possibly they would work better and more relaxed.
I worked for the public last summer and I think that the workers must be in very good humor to support the bad character of people, and before taking a job, I think that they would have to past a test of patience and the good humor.

dissabte, 12 de gener de 2008


Some days ago, the news showed us that our level of education is under the other Europe countries.
Lots of things makes this information true, the most important is that we usually give up studies at 16 to start working. Giving up our studies at this age means that pupils are not motivated to continue, more things could be said, but it is innecessary.
Citizens and rulers have to find solutions to this problem, they need to improve our cultural level. Should teachers study more? Should politicians help people who want to continue their studies? Should people have more goals in their life?
We don't know, but a thing is true, all people are guilty of our level of education, we all have to try to improve it.
From my point of view, it's a very important subject to discuss, it influences our cultural level and our future life. We have to fight to get what we want, the best education.

The other side of Christmas

Recently, we have finished our Christmas' holidays.
They have been some fanthastic days, without working or going to school and making a lot of celebrations with family and friends. But there is another thing which is not so great. If we make the effort of thinking about all we have bought during Christmas, we'll notify that consumerism has invaded our lives. Every day we bought a lot of stupid things and specially during Christmas. This Christian tradition, which celebrates Jesus' birthday, has become only a consumist celebration. I'm sure that nobody thinks about what really means Christmas when we are buying presents. We live in a society in which we are what we have got, things are more valuous than persons and appearances govern our minds. But really, these things will never make us better humans.
For that, I think we should think about it, because while we are buying in sales, not very far there are a lot of people who die of hunger.

Just act!

Currently, we are living in such an unfair world which has encouraged me to take a decision which I'm willing to do.

I would like to change a lot of world’s aspects and I still dreaming a fantastic world where everyone would have the same chances, where everyone would respect the others at least they would coexist without wars and so on…

I know I can’t change the world but I can put a little stone to make it better. At least I will have done something to change, I will have tried.

We often forget that just in a few km there are children who are dying because of the lack of water, food… There are also people who are dying in stupid wars while others, those important people who love money, who don't mind the death of lots of innocent people, who are the guilty of the wars, are sitting down, quietly, on their sofas eating a hamburger.

We have the enough tools to make a change, although most of us are still doing nothing.
We had better charge our batteries and act now!

If everybody thought globally but acted locally we would achieve a great deal of goals which will turn this unfair world to a world full of hope for everybody!

divendres, 11 de gener de 2008


At the beginning of January, when Christmas holidays finish sales begin in all shops around the country.

The people go running to the shops to find there what they want. This items were more expensive before and on sales you can find some bargains.

If you for example are interested in buying shoes you have to go to the shoes shops the firsts days of holidays because on the contrary you don’t find your size. All the shop windows have discounts about 20%, 30%, 40% and you can find even 60%.

I don’t like when I go in a shop and it is very crowded, because I can’t buy things relaxed.

Personally, If I go on sales I prefer to go there the second week, because you always can find things that I like and being quiet.

In conclusion, sales are good for all the economies specially for families that don’t have much money and in this way they can find what they need with less money.


Christmas holidays have just finished.
In this writing I will explain my Christmas holidays.
The first days I spent my time doing concerts of accordion around the Pallars Sobirà with my player’s accordionist group.
The following days I stayed with my family, I had long lunch, long dinners…
On New Year Eve I had dinner with my family, and later I went out with my friends all night.
The rest of the days I worked hard in my research work.
People like Christmas holidays, but in my opinion every year is worst.
The most important for the people is buying a lot of presents and this isn’t the most important about Christmas.
The best is spending the days with our family and friends.In conclusion, I like Christmas but it could be better without so much consumism.

dimarts, 8 de gener de 2008

Obama versus Hillary

Would you vote for this man if you were American? Why do you think he is winning against Hillary Clinton? What do you think he represents for the average American citizen?