dissabte, 19 d’abril de 2008


I'm going to describe a little village situated near Senterada. This village has three houses, a little church and nobody lives in it.
You will think why I'm describing such a small and lonely place, but it's one of the most significative places of my life. Burguet is the village of my ancestors, where my mother grew up and where I spent a part of my childhood.
This little place is wondelful, when you arrive there you feel better, this is caused because there's no pollution and the stress comes out of your mind.The nature is around you and dangers are far away from babies.

When I go there I feel free because when I was a child in Burguet I could do what I wanted. Although nowadays no one is living there I never feel alone as I have lots of beatiful memories from it. Therefore, I love going there and spend my free time feeling as when I was a child.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Alba, thanks for your post. I had never heard of this small and beautiful town. Maybe I'll go there this weekend.