dilluns, 7 d’abril de 2008

Rain, the best solution

These lasts days we have seen on television that Barcelona is finishing its water. If it doesn't rain inhabitants of there won't have enough water for all home tasks, and that means that almost the 50% of the population of Catalonia is going to suffer the consequences of the climatic change.

The government ais now searching the best way to solve this huge problem. One of them is getting water of the Segre's river ant take it to Barcelona's metropolitan area, but lots of persons are against it. Peasants of Lleida's province think that this will affect them too. They need a lot of water to water their vegetables and fruits. These peasants have made the politicians decide that it's not possible and that they are not going to do it. Another solution is to take water to Barcelona with specific trains, but the trains won't be able to transport the water until two moths.

In conclusion, the best one is the natural one, to rain, because it has been proved that no other things can replace it.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Alba, thanks for your post. Indeed we having a huge problem with water. We all hope it will rain soon.