dimarts, 1 d’abril de 2008


Nowadays, there has been a revolution in the world of art, sometimes it surpasses the limits. But, where is really the border? Is art all the things which are shown in a museum? Theoretically, the art is the expression of our feelings through a different way than the ordinary, transmitting beauty with words, colours, sounds, etc.. But not everybody has the same idea of beauty and that is what causes this problem. I don't agree that a toilet is a work of art and the same happens with a dissected animal or with a leak on the ceiling, but all these things are shown today in important museums. Maybe the world is a bit crazy or perhaps today beauty is different than the idea of beauty which Velazquez had when he painted "Las Meninas". I think that everyone has got his or her own idea of beauty and art, because feelings are the most complicated thing in the world.