dilluns, 21 d’abril de 2008

Are footballers too well paid or not?

Nowadays, footballers are very well paid, some people think that it's too much for what they do. Others think it's is fair what they earn, because they have to save money as they have a very short profesional life and the team can dismiss them when the coach or the directive want.
Apart from the football money, they get more money than this in advertising, sometimes more than they earn in their team.

One of the disadvantages is that they have a poor family life as they are travelling the majority of time. Although they have a strong social life, for example dinners for the club, for the adverts...

Personally, I think that they earn for his efford and that what they receive is OK, because everybody knows how hard is the life of a football player, and besides everybody would like to be a famous footballer, in part for the money that they earn.

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Hi Eli, thanks for your post. Sometimes it is difficult to see why some people earn so much money, in spite of the disadvantages they may have.