dijous, 27 de març de 2008


Juno is the last film that I have seen. First of all it didn’t catch my attention, but some friends recommended it to me. They told me that was a story about a pregnant teenager and I thought that it would be the typical story of every film.

Some days later I realized that Juno had won the Oscar to the best writing and that was nominated to another ones, so I decided to watch it.

This film is starred by Ellen Page (Juno) who is only sixteen years old is a girl who has an encounter with Paulie, his best friend, and she is pregnant. At first she decides that she will have an abortion, but later she decides to have it and give it for adoption, so she has to search for an adoptive parents for her child and she found ones in the newspaper. Juno accepted a contract that when the baby born she won’t have contact with him.

On the last month of pregnancy Juno has some problems with the adoptive family but they will solve it. It’s a film which I recommend to everybody because it’s a different one, different to others.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Laura, thanks for your post, and your suggestion. Sorry about the picture you had and I erased. Please replace it. It was very nice.