diumenge, 20 d’abril de 2008

Just special

It’s known that St. Miquel is a humble church just next to la Pobla de Segur. People say that plenty of years ago la Pobla was situated there.

Every 8th May we go there to have lunch with our relatives or friends... It’s fantastic!

I’ve decided to describe this place due to the fact that it makes me feel relaxed, quiet, tranquil... When I feel sad, I often go there and sit down on a little stone while watching Pobla from the high. I think and I open my mind for myself. It’s by far, my favourite place in Pobla, it’s ten minutes far though.

Apparently, there is only a new little church with a fountain and another church which has to be rebuilt because of the bad conditions it has. Anyway this old church is my favourite in spite of having only two walls and an altar with some withered flowers.

I can’t explain with words the feeling it reminds me of. I think you have to feel it to understand.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi MH, thanks for your touching post about that humble church that was the heart of your town.