dimarts, 22 d’abril de 2008

Saint Antoni's lake

One of my favorite places is Saint Antoni's lake. It's situated between La Pobla and Tremp. This lake is & very popular attraction, and for & good reason. It's the only lake we have to refresh ourselves when it's hot in Summer.

Near the lake there is a "xiringuito", it's a bar-restaurant where people have lunch, dinner and eat an ice-cream. It's a very attractive place.

On the lake there are fishes and canoes to go through the lake. In Summer, all the people of La Pobla go to the lake almost every day.

I highly recommend Saint Antoni's lake to anyone visiting La Pobla in Summer. It's more than a lake, it's an experience.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Maria, thanks for your post and your recomendation.