dimecres, 31 d’octubre de 2007

This summer

The last summer I haven't travelled a lot. I only went to the beach for a weekend. And that's not a punishment for me, undless I want to stay in Pobla. My parents allowed me taht with only a condition. I should have work. So I looked for a summer job and I found one. I have been working in a supermarket during a month an a half. The job was great because my timetable was excelent. I worked five hour a day and I had got vacations on sunday and monday. At the same time, I had been passing a very good time because I went to many parties and I stayed with my friends. I think that going with the family in our ages is so boring. If I had to go to the past I wouldn't have changed this last summer. I have lived a lot of good experiences I will always remembre.