dimecres, 31 d’octubre de 2007


I will speak about my trip in holland this summer.
In july, I went 15 days to holland with my cousin.
There I met many people from diferent countries
(holland, germany, russia, england, ireland...).
The 6 first days, we stayed in a camping in the north
Holland, in la Haya (den Haag). The other days we stayed
in diferents hostals in Amsterdam, in front the popular canals of
Amsterdam, with the boats...
There, I visited many important museums, for example:
Anna Frank house, Van gogh, museum of diamonds...
was a nice experience, and I learnt a lot about the culture,
typical food, friends, people, museums...
The weather was good firt days, we can go to the beach in
la Haya some days! but the latest days the weather was horrible,
every day big storms in Amsterdam.
I don't like the typical food in Holland because was very sweet (with
a lot of butter).
every nigth we went to diferent discos and pubs to meet people, dance...
was very fun, and I wish to repeat this trip some day! but in other country,
to learn about diferent cultures...