dimecres, 31 d’octubre de 2007

The mad woman

Since I lived there all people told me that the village was not the best place to live. Old people explained legends to the youth, thismade them be afraid of the place they lived and also made the visitors leave.
It was said that a phantom lived in the house that was near to the biggest mountain of the zone, this phantom was a desperate woman whose man and son where killed in the second world war.
This occured a long time ago and noboby tried to enter the house, because when the woman discovered the disaster she became mad. Fewmonths later she commited a suicide and the legend says that her spirit satayed in the earth because she wanted to avenge the death of her family.
All this silly legend made my pretty village a scary and tenebrous place, so one day we planned to go to this house to try to know the truth. It was a sunny day, we began to walk to arrive to the mountain. The house was very beautiful and we didn't notice strange things so we continued and with a little bit of fear we entered. Nobody was there, only spiders and other insects; they had been the habitants for forty years of this house.
When we arrived to the village all the citizens were waiting for us, they thought we would never return. When we explained them that them legend was fake a big smile invaded their faces, that signified that all their fears had disappeared and that our village could recuperate the tourism, the activities and the happiness it had before the creation of this legend.
Now the house is used to do activities for the young and old people, and we have realised how a legend can influence our life.