dimecres, 31 d’octubre de 2007

La Pobla de Segur

La Pobla de Segur is a small village near the Pyrenees.
There are 3000 people more or less in this village in winter, but in summer there are all kids who have got their family here, because they are livivng in other places for example: Barcelona,... They come to Pobla all summer and the days that school is closed.

This isn’t a very turistic village, because people who like practising adventures sports goes to other villages which are nearest the mountains.
However, we can practise some sports in the water, because there are a lake very near, but we can only practise this sports in summer because the weather in winter is very cold. Besides we can go in the river because Pobla is in the middle of two rivers Flamisell and Noguera Pallaresa.

To sum up, Pobla is a small village, but we can find in it all services that a person needs, without going out of La Pobla.