dijous, 13 de desembre de 2007

Teenagers against parents and teachers?

I don't agree with the afirmation of the title as it isn't true. From my point of view it's a mistake to say that.

I'll explain my opinion from a teeneager's view as I am.
Not all the teens want to argue with their parents nor with their teachers. Adults often look us with a distrusted look which make us behave badly. This fact encourages them to make us feel guilty of their sadness.

Maybe some teenagers are silly while others are well mannered. Adults should balance these two possibilities and realise 20% of the youth have a bad behavior but what about the 80%?
They are well mannered although they make parties and go out since late at night, but isn't it normal in our age? We want to enjoy life!
We usually feel nobody wants to listen to us neither to our proposal, nor to our suggestions... Even, we sometimes feel nobody wants us.

Maybe we can change some behaviors but also the adults, if they give us more trustness the relations with them will be better.

Think about it!

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Barrie ha dit...

M. Helena, could you please have a look at the words in bold to correct the mistakes?
Thanks for your post!