dimecres, 12 de desembre de 2007

Why do you think teenagers have always looked for ways to rebel against their parents and teachers?

I’m going to talk about the young people of the current importance that the majority does not respect his superiors. The things have changed. When I was a few years of age, if I did something bad, my parents punished me, now the children don´t matter the punishment, but I cried myself to sleep. The bad vocabulary which is used for teachers and parents is the normality of day after day, but I think that it isn’t a sin of the children but of their parents who don’t give them & good education.
Probably when I have children I won’t teach the suitable education to them, but I would like to achieve a respect, like my parents teach me.
Today, the education is very important, though the young people don’t tink so.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Esther, could you please have a look at the words in bold to correct the mistakes?
There are some lines I didn't understand what you meant. We'll talk about it in class. Thanks for your post.