dimecres, 12 de desembre de 2007

teens' behavior

Teens, have always had a rebel bahavior against their parents and a lot of times, against the society. Since always, young people have been revolutionary and they have tried to change the bad things of the world. But why adults don't do the same? That's very curious but I think that it has got a logic reason.
We know that in adolescence a lot of changes take place, specially in our mind. Teens don't want to continue being children, they want to live their own lives so they need more freedom and parents don´t agree with that. They still want to protect their daughters and sons like before and that's why teenagers have got a bad behavior, I think.
Teens don't want anybody to control them.
Teenagers also have got a different point of view of life than adults so they think very differently. Young people are always more positive and think that things could be better and they try to do it, while most adults think that it is good-for-nothing.
I think that all these reasons justify teens' behavior.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Claudia, could you please have a look at the words in bold to correct the mistakes? Thanks for your post.