dijous, 13 de desembre de 2007

the mobile phones

I’m going to talk about in what places we can use the mobile phones, because nowadays we have a big dependence of it.
In Spain, and I think that in all the world, the mobile phone is very important in our life, because there is a new technology that helps us to communicated with the other people. The people have to pay a lot of money for the news technologies, for example, when some company creates a new mobile phone that is more sophisticated that the other that they have, the people go to the shop to buy the new.
I think that the mobile phones are to talk with the friends, send some messages, and maybe to take some photos. In some countries speak with the mobile phone in a public place like a restaurant is not appropriated.
On my point of view, the mobile phones are very important, but I think that I haven’t to talk a lot, because my invoice is so expensive.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Cris, could you please have a look at the words in bold to correct the mistakes? Thanks for your post.