dimecres, 12 de desembre de 2007

mobile phones

I'm going to talk about where can we use mobile phones and if they are appropiate in public places.
We all know that in many countries is not appropiate to talk on the phone in public places such as restaurants, shops or on public transport. But I think that it's because their character and culture. They usually talk very quietly and they never shout. However, in Spain everybody talk on the phone in front of everybody. Moreover, when we talk we do it very loudly. Sometimes we really shout walking by the street while we are talking to somebody on the phone.
What I do is that: if the person who is calling me is an important one and he or she is going to tell me something private, I apologise the person whom I stay with, and I go some meters far.
In conclusion, Spanish people don't value the privacy like some other countries. I think that because our manner. We usually are more amusing and open-minded.

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