dimecres, 12 de desembre de 2007

Teens, teachers and parents

Nowadays teens behaviour have changed a lot. Their respect towards older people is very different, they want to be heard but they don't listen to others.
The first thing that they want to show with this behaviour is that they can do everything withouth being helped or caught. They need to show to older people that they are responsible for their acts and that they need to be independent. More things influence their way to behave, at classes have arguments with teachers seems to make them stronger than before and it also makes feel them improve their selfconciusness.
I'm not saying that it has to be like when our parents went to school, I think that this was excessive, but these last years we are going to the other side, the trend is no respect for anybody.
In my opinion, rules should change a little, teens have to respect their parents or teachers more than now, I think both teachers, parents and teens have to behave better.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Alba, could you pelase have a look at the words in bold to correct the mistakes? Some are really simple. Thanks for your post.