dimarts, 8 de gener de 2008

Obama versus Hillary

Would you vote for this man if you were American? Why do you think he is winning against Hillary Clinton? What do you think he represents for the average American citizen?

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alba ha dit...

I think that Obama will make a change at USA. The first one is that he would be the first black president. He promises lots of things like the others but americans don't know if he's going to do all. What I think is USA needs a change and I suppose that both of them are better than Bush.
If I were american, I wouldn't know my vote, none of them convince me to be the best leader for America.

Sandra ha dit...

Now, in USA there are a new situation. I'ts the first time that a woman and a black man are the candidats for being presidents.
I think it's a good chance for America. In America there are a lot of black people living in a terrible situation cause for the racism for the actual president. This man could solve this problem. And the woman it's a good chance, because never in the history of USA goberned a woman.

ღ eSter · ha dit...

I don't like political advetissing. I don't believe in the promises of politics, and I'm sure that Bush also promised similar things and he did them the worst he knew...
Annyway, I think that Obama is very convincing enven to me.
I also think that if he wins the elections the USA will gain a better president because he doesn't mind if the states are red or blue, for him the states are red and blue so he wants to content everyone.