dissabte, 9 de febrer de 2008

An adapted mixture

It isn’t a normal book. It mixes an interesting story with the knowledge of a distant culture. Its name is “Memorias de una Geisha”.

It’s based in a real story of a geisha in Japan. Geishas, in Japan, are women who share funny meetings with important men and they make them enjoy parties. They aren’t prostitutes as almost everybody says, they are artist as their name’s meaning.

This book explains a famous geisha’s experience, what the geisha life was like and how did she feel working. It is set in a little village of Japan in 1900 more a less. At that time, geishas were in all the men’s parties playing instruments, dancing, talking... They had to follow a hard education to be able to work as a geisha besides succedding. Being a geisha although the effort it supposed was a chance for every girl.

This book made me cry and feel the emotions of the protagonist' situations. Although, it has a happy end the story is so hard and sometimes very sad. Anyway there are amazing situations which made me laugh, for these reasons and more and more and so on I recommend this book for everybody who wants to have a good time and learn about the Japanese culture which is very interesting.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi M.H, thanks for your post. I have also read this book and I just loved it.