diumenge, 24 de febrer de 2008

The bottle imp

On the last Christmas week, my friends and I went to the cinema to watch a film. On the wall of the cinema there was a pretty poster. It said: "The bottle imp". The shape of the words and the images there were in it attracted my attention.

"You can't break this bottle because it's magic. Inside there is an imp. This imp is very powerful. You can have everything you want: love, money, job..." When Keawe, a young hawaiian sailor hears this, he decides to buy this amazing bottle imp. This imp can make all his wishes come true... Although, he soon discovers it also gives you some serious problems.

I can't explain you the end of the film because if I do this, it hasn't got any mistery!!!

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi maria, thanks for your post. I haven't seen the film, but I may watch it now.