dissabte, 9 de febrer de 2008

Spain in becoming more and more like THE USA

Americans have lot of influence in the European countries. We are importing their culture and although most of them don’t think about it, we could live in the USA like in Spain without differences.

Spain, like each European country, is becoming more and more like the United States of America because, on second thoughts, we would realise that we are rounded by them. Actually, we has imported all their technology and we use lots of things that are made in America. Moreover, we are copying their programms and the basic structure of our media is similar to theirs.

Every European people wears American trends: Nike, Levi's... Nowadays, we frecuently have fast food, what means that we are losing our Mediterranean diet, in spite of being considered as the healthiest. Also our shops seem American, for instance, lots of department stores are being established, and the ways of marketing are the same, therefore we can buy the same products here than in USA.

In my opinion, the main reason which could explain this influence would be the mass media. Most of the films that we watch are made in the USA, and the same happens with advertisement. It means that we act like them.

To sum up, we had colonised them 500 years before, but at the moment we are becoming a part of their huge imperialism.

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Barrie ha dit...

Thanks for your post, Eli, but the assigment for this week was to write a summary of a film or book, and not what seems an opinion essay. A very interesting one, on the other hand.