dilluns, 11 de febrer de 2008

"La lista de Sitler"

I’m going to talk about the film “La lista de Shitler”.This film describe the period when in Germany there was the dictatorial oh Hitler. Hitler was a dictator who though that the white race was superiors to the black one.
He put the Jewedish people in concentration fields.
He wanted to extinguish the black race, so he mistreated the prisoners.
All the film make me suffer from the beginning to the end.The action happens in Germany, and it compares the live of rich people to the people who lives in the concentration fields. In this film we can see the horror of the people who lived in so poor conditions that they didn’t have even water to drink and wash.

In conclusion, I like this film because it makes clear the cruel reality tha the Jewedish people lived in Germany in the second world wor.

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Barrie ha dit...

Thanks for your post, David. I am not sure which film you are talking about. Is title correctly written? Have a look at the bolded words and try to correct the mistakes.