divendres, 8 de febrer de 2008


Human Trade (Tráfico Humano) is a real film about the human trade that affects our world. The director shows in it how these kind of traffics are made.

The film is based on a true story in the west countries. The group of criminals organized a fashion model contest. All the girls were very exited with the contest because that could be an oportunity to visit the United States. Most of them are between sixteen to twenty-five years old but there were also younger girls.

That criminal company of human trade owned lots of brothels but they ough to be on hiding places. The story is about some main characters who are victims of the traffic. These women are sexualy raped and physicaly abused.

Finally, the FBI catched the group. Some of the victims had been killed by the criminals and others are in proces to recovering their lives.

On the end of the film, previously of seeing the name of the director, actors.... it said that every year in all the world are traded with 800.000 people!!!

I recomend you this film because it shows a world real problem, but you have to be very strong because of their cruel realism.