dissabte, 9 de febrer de 2008

Las trece rosas

Las trece rosas is a film which explains a true story from the franquist's epoque. It shows us the difficultyof living in Spain at that time if you didn't think as Franco.

In this movie thirteen women ,whose age was between nineteen an twenty-four, were condemned to die because of taking part of JSU ( juventudes socialistas unidas) which was against Franco's ideology.

This story takes part in Madrid when the civil war was finished, in 1939. All of these women were couturier from a modest family which has lost some of their members in the war. The only thing that these girls wanted taking part of JSU was enjoy with the sport activities that it had. However, they tried to put off Franco's arrival in Madrid giving people papers where "menos Franco y más pan blanco" was written. This fact made them go to the prison.

After being some months in prison these bold, fighters and full of happiness women were killed, they were innocent.