diumenge, 24 de febrer de 2008

What about immigration?

Nowadays, one of the most important fact is immigration. Just in the last 3 years millions of people from different poor countries have arrived in Europe’s developed countries. Spain has welcomed plenty of foreigners mainly from Morocco and South America.

I have made an investigation task about immigration and certainly I’ve learned a lot about the subject.

Some Spanish people are very afraid of foreigners, they feel foreigners are invading our country therefore, they act with an stupid attitude which is racism.

I think they don’t want to realise that people want to come trough. Moreover, they want to have a normal life which includes eating, working, drinking, having fun… They only want to have the same chances as everybody. Chances which their country lacks.

Instead of putting us in their situation, we are still criticizing and judging their coming to Spain. Don’t you think we would do the same if we were them? Would we resist in a country where we couldn’t have a house, where we couldn’t feed our children enough an so on? I don’t think so. Furthermore, we should think they are also people like us, and it doesn’t matter their skin’s colour or the country from which they are. They are only people who want to fight for having a fair and happy life. Don’t we have the same goals?

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi MH, thanks for your post. You are a very sensible person. I agree with you. Our fellow citizens have already forgotten we also were emigrants not long ago.