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“Dangerous Minds” is an execellent drama movie. It was directed by John N. Smithry Buckheimer.
The story takes place in one area in Northern California.
The most important character is LouAnne Johnson, who leaves a nine-year military career to try as an English teacher in a high school.
There, she has to teach a “special” group of students who change her live. And she changes theirs too.
LouAnne becomes Hal's friend. Hal is another teacher. LouAnne teaches and helps her students not only as a teacher; she was also a friend for them.
Carla becomes pregnant and she decides to leave school. LouAnne tries to convince her about not to do that because she is a great student, although she doesn't think so and wants to waste her intelligence.
But finally the teacher can't do anything. After that, Emilio is killed by a man who wants to separe Emilio and his girlfriend. It saddens LouAnne very much and she decides to communicate her students that she is going to leave school. They don't think it's a good idea and they finally convince her to stay, because they need her.
They say that she's like their pusher, because she has the goods, the help that they need. And LouAnne doesn't leave.
She's proud of them and she finally decides to stay. The objective of this film is to make us learn that you always have to go on, happens what happens.
I really enjoyed it and I’ve seen it many times. It's one of my favourite films and I think much people need to see it, because they like it very much.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Sandra, nice summary, but is it a real summary? I think it is a bit too long to be a summary. You have to think of the most important ideas and forget the rest. Try to summarise what you have written, (this post).