diumenge, 24 de febrer de 2008

Naples crowded of lumber

This morning I was reading the newspaper when I have seen an article that has kept my attention. Naples is full of rubbish, it's not possible to walk around the streets because of the bad smell.
If someone explains you a fact like this, the first thing you will think is that he's talking about a poor country where they don't have a dump. However, this fact is not from a poor country, it's from Italy, from Naples.
It's difficult to understand why Naple's people are not complaining about what's happening, but something is hiden. Camorra gang is the main guilty of this amount of junk, they own all the dumps of the city, which are full, and they don't want to build more of them.
Camorra leads Naples, all the politicians are afraid of them and this makes them feel the owners of the city.
The only thing I want to show with this piece of news is that it's possible that in a developed country and nowadays it is more important what a gang wants than what the citizens desire. Something is going wrong, don't you think?

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Barrie ha dit...

Thanks for your post, Alba. It is very interesting.