dilluns, 28 de gener de 2008


We know that clothes in school are important.
This one is a actual subject around the world. In all countries are important the constant arrival of inhabitants of other countries, with other cultures, other thoughts... These migrations have generated in the diverse countries a debate of the veil (Moroccan) in the schools. There are countries that have banned it totally; however, others allow it, generating a great controversy between students, parents...
If a Spanish student (putting an example) must by custom wear caps, when entering the schools he is forced to clear it to it until the hour of the exit. Why then the Moroccans can take a veil, when they covers the head With the same form that a cap? The truth is I don’t understand anything; I hate the division, classifications without a good argument.
I believe that a good form to help them to adapt to the respective countries would begin by the learning of our norms. If we began allowing it everything, but ahead there will be nothing to do, and I believe that if here we are forced "to dress decently" to go to the schools, they also must be it to take off the veil. Evidently this not this in my hands, that is that I will continue accepting the norms while I see that those that arrive from other countries does what it gives the desire them.


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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Sandra, thanks for your post. It's a difficult issue to discuss.