diumenge, 13 de gener de 2008


On 21th we left school and just on 24th I started working in “Tremp’s Cap”. On 24th I worked at afternoon and at night I met my family to celebrate together Christmas Eve. Then I went out with my friends and my boyfriend. On the following day we opened the Father Christmas’ presents.
Another important day during this vacation was 29th. And you may be asking yourselves, why? My parents and my friends prepared me a party to celebrate my birthday. It was amazing! They gave me as a present a digital camera. Afterwards, New Year’s Eve arrives. But this year it was a little bit different. The council prepared the sports centre to do there celebration there. They paid an orchestra and a material to put it on the floor not to damage the selfsame one.

A week after, approximately, on 5th I invited my boyfriend to have dinner in a restaurant. Then we went out since late at night. And or course, like on 24th I had to got up early, without sleeping to open the gifts because of the lovely innocence of my little sister. To sum up, this vacation I had been working a lot but I also went out and had fun! I have really enjoyed this Christmas.

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Barrie ha dit...

Thanks for your post Maria, and happy birthday. Now, have a look at your writing and try to correct the mistakes.