dilluns, 28 de gener de 2008

A productive meeting

Last weekend I was talking with an old friend with whom I went together in high school. We met in a pub of my village, I hadn't seen him for one year more a less.
When we were classmates, we just talked when we needed so we had a poor relationship, however, that Saturday night was different.
We began talking and talking explaining what we have done during this last year. Thirty minutes later appeared in our conversation an issue about which everybody talks, What will we do in our future?We began discussing about what we will study and we arrived at the same conclusion. We want to study a degree which brings something to our society. For example, I would like to study a degree whose subjects are based in helping people who don't have the chances to live a normal life. I will be able to work as another worker although I'll be bringing just a little thing to improve this world.
Maybe you will think it's just a silly idea but I'm sure I will be satisfated when I help someone whose life is unfair.
My friend would like to work as a man who controls the pollution of multinationals , it is also a good idea, isn't it?

Just in a simple conversation we were talking about the world and the situation in which we are living. It was so interesting that I would like to talk with him again.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi MHelena, thanks for your post. I wiss more people thought like you and dreamt of changing and improving our world.