dilluns, 14 de gener de 2008

the young people

I am going to speak about the relationship that exists between young people and old people, since it is one be afraid that I believe that it can be interested.I believe that, today young people in day they have very badly seen without motive, only for being young people. It is possible that there are young people who are bad, play with the people and do things that should not be done, but the old people do not have to judge them all equally, since any of us, though we smoke or drink, do not have the mentality of criminals and not kill to anybody for doing this. Sometimes, we make bad things, for example, I often answer badly to my parents, to my grandparents and to other relatives, and they only want to help me.In conclusion, I think that both the young people and the old people, we have to respect some others and to help ourselves.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Cris, please have a look at your post and try to correct your mistakes. Use a dictionary .