dissabte, 12 de gener de 2008

Just act!

Currently, we are living in such an unfair world which has encouraged me to take a decision which I'm willing to do.

I would like to change a lot of world’s aspects and I still dreaming a fantastic world where everyone would have the same chances, where everyone would respect the others at least they would coexist without wars and so on…

I know I can’t change the world but I can put a little stone to make it better. At least I will have done something to change, I will have tried.

We often forget that just in a few km there are children who are dying because of the lack of water, food… There are also people who are dying in stupid wars while others, those important people who love money, who don't mind the death of lots of innocent people, who are the guilty of the wars, are sitting down, quietly, on their sofas eating a hamburger.

We have the enough tools to make a change, although most of us are still doing nothing.
We had better charge our batteries and act now!

If everybody thought globally but acted locally we would achieve a great deal of goals which will turn this unfair world to a world full of hope for everybody!

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi MHelena, I had read you post, but I forgot to correct it. as usual, you show a big concern about social issues. I hope you keep on trying to improve our society. Remeber what Hemingway said: Don't ask for whom the bells toll, they toll for you.