diumenge, 27 de gener de 2008

I'm a driver

On 17th of January I had the driving exam, and I pass it . But now the problem is the car. My parents have got two cars but one of theme is very old and it doesn't work ok. So we have to drive the same car. Some of our problems are where we put the car The solution could be to write on a paper where the car is. That way, we all know the situation of the car.

My parents asked me to buy a second hand car, but it's not a necessity for me. I live near the school and the next year I'm going to study in Lleida or in Barcelona and there are so public transports.

In my opinion, the car makes lots of problems but If I had one which was mine, I wouldn't have such problems as I have today.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Maria, congratulations for your driving license.
Have a look at the bolded words to correct the mistakes. Thanks.