dimarts, 29 de gener de 2008

Our biggest problem

Nowadays, one of the biggest problem of the world is the climatic change. All of us have heard about it but maybe we don't give to it enough importance. The most of the people think that it's very far from them and others are sure that it is an invention.
But the climate change is obvious. The world's temperature is going up every year and we can feel it, our air is more polluted but we take the car continously, the water levels are decreasing but our pools are still full and many things more.
I think that we need a change of thought inmediately or the next generations will live in a garbage world. We should change our way of live because what we are doing is not advancing. Maybe it seems difficult but it isn't, only some small changes in our life can make big advances in the world.
The future of this still beautiful planet is in our hands, so today when you go to the shower or to throwing the garbage think about the polar bears which are drowning under the water of the ice of the Artic or about the deserts that are in places where some time ago were full of trees.

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Barrie ha dit...

hi Claudia, thanks for your post. It is really frightening to think of the future of our Earth. however, there is always hope and you are the generation to save it.