divendres, 11 de gener de 2008


At the beginning of January, when Christmas holidays finish sales begin in all shops around the country.

The people go running to the shops to find there what they want. This items were more expensive before and on sales you can find some bargains.

If you for example are interested in buying shoes you have to go to the shoes shops the firsts days of holidays because on the contrary you don’t find your size. All the shop windows have discounts about 20%, 30%, 40% and you can find even 60%.

I don’t like when I go in a shop and it is very crowded, because I can’t buy things relaxed.

Personally, If I go on sales I prefer to go there the second week, because you always can find things that I like and being quiet.

In conclusion, sales are good for all the economies specially for families that don’t have much money and in this way they can find what they need with less money.