diumenge, 9 de març de 2008

Fake politicians

Just in a few days we are going to know who will be the new president of Spain. How should we feel? I would like to vote but I can’t as I’m not eighteen! It’s a pity!

Anyway, I want to give my opinion. Mainly, I’m very upset because of the politicians. They are always putting forward purposes which everybody knows they won’t do. Then what can we do?

It’s worthless to trust them, it’s always the same and I’m quite tired! If I were them, I would try to improve our country, however, they only want to bring in a lot of money for themselves.

In Spain there are a lot of organizations, but only two are the most important. Who is the best? Zapatero or Rajoy? You may agree more with one than with the other but at the end they are quite similar. They only try to put down each other forgetting that the most important thing is the population and not them. Instead of correcting their mistakes, they prefer explaining the other’s. They are so childish! I’ll be so disappointed in politics as long as our president is a person who is always reproaching, hiding his mistakes without correcting them. They lie and use us to achieve their personal goals. I hope one day it’ll change for better and only then I’ll trust in politics.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi MH, thanks for your post which is as usual very ineresting. I agree with you, on what you say about politicians.