diumenge, 24 de febrer de 2008


I’m going to talk about the importance of music in our lives. It’s proved that people who play an instrument have more developed their minds and senses.
Music helps people to have more attention with things which other people don’t notice. I can’t generalise this topic, but I have played two instruments for a long time (aprox. 10 years). Music helped me sometimes when I was nervous, angry…
Now, music is an important part of my life. If I go out in holidays and I haven’t got my instruments, I miss them a lot. I need music in my life for a lot of reasons. Playing these instruments gives me a lot of important senses; for example when I won the International price of accordion celebrated the last October in Mondragon (Pays Basque). This was one of the most important satisfactions in my life and I will never forget this brilliant experience.
Obyously, music isn’t an easy thing.
Musicians have to be constant and they have to sacrificate a lot of things to play well their instruments.
Finally, I recommended music to all people because probably music like them.

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Barrie ha dit...

Thanks for your post sandra and congratuklations for that award you won.