dimarts, 25 de març de 2008

A dream coming true

Holiday, holiday and holiday!! I’m looking forward to the next holiday, Summer! In Summer I will have finished school and have made all the exams therefore I’ll be so relaxed, cool!! I can’t wait, I need the satisfaction of having all done and have free time for myself! I will go out with my friends, sleep, travel, it must be perfect! Sometimes I close my eyes and I imagine, I dream what my holiday will be like. I don’t know why but this year I’m very excited about holiday, maybe because I’m too tired and bored or maybe because it always reminds me happiness. I need a change and Summer stands for it.I will be dreaming my vacation as long as it doesn’t arrive, do you want to share my illusion?

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Mh, of course, I want to share your expectations about summer holidays. They are really great.Besides, this year will be unforgetable for you all, since it will be your last one as a secondary student. You have many things to long for.