divendres, 14 de març de 2008


The law forbids the euthanasia because & is illegal to kill somebody. They think that if somebody who can not do anything in his own so he wants to die and a friend does the favour of giving him the lethal medicine, the friend will be considerate as a murder and he will be judged as a murder.
I disagree with this because if I was suffering a lot and I knew that I were going to die, I would prefer to die before continuing suffering. Why can not I die if I want? I know that everybody has the right of life but they have to considerate these terminally cases. They only think that if the patient can not do any in his own and die, this is a murder and the “criminal” has to be judged.
On the other hand& & are the arguments that any people give to apologise this law. But I do not know what these arguments are and I can not imagine any.
As & conclusion I can say that everybody would have the right of die when he wants, although it is a bit perplexing conclusion.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Cris, a very interesting article , although a bit controversial.