dimecres, 26 de març de 2008


For sometime in many cities of our country we can find boys and girls practicing parkour.

When I hears to talk about this discipline I surprised myself and I thought that the people who practiced it were crazy, but I knew a boy who practiced this discipline and he explained me in what it consisted. To my seemed me interesting and that's why I think that it can interest you.

Parkour: It originates from "parcour" that it means "covered" in French.
Pk: Abbreviation of "parkour".
Traceur: Medical Assistant of Parkour. It means "plotter". The feminine one is "traceuse".
The parkour is a discipline that consists on being displaced by the urban area or natural, overcoming the obstacles that present themselves in your tour (you fence in, walls, empty...) in the possible most fluid and most efficient way, and with the only possibilities of the human body.
This discipline requires a great training to carry out the different movements (jumps, climbed, etc.) that it implicates, but besides a mind decided to surpass the fears themselves, a great concentration, and a strong spirit is necessary.

After this brief explanation I put a demonstration of this modality for you:

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Sara, what an interesting article. I haven't heard about this sport until today, so thanks.