dilluns, 24 de març de 2008


On Friday 14th at 6:15 on the afternoon my flight took off. My cousin was waiting for me when I arrived. We drave aproximately an hour to Heidelberg. Oriol called a friend to have dinner together. We went to a German restaurant, but they threw us out because the kitchen was closed so we went to another restaurant were we ate pizzas. Then we went out, but we came back home early because I was very tired. On the next day, we went to see Heidelberg's castle and the "Haupstrasse" were I cood buy a lot of souvenirs and other things. On the afternoon we went to Darmstadt to visit a friend, Laia. We could see her acting on the theatre. It was amazing! Then we went to a "Tailandés" and when we had finished we drave Laia to Frankfurt's train station. She had to take a train to a small city were she would have an audition. We came back home at 3 o'clock at midnight. On Sunday we had breakfast on a typical restaurant at 12:00 and then we visited the laboratoy where my cousin works. It was really interesting!!!

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Maria,what a nice trip to Heilderberg! Isn't it a nice city? Did you visit the castle?
Careful with the prepositions.