dimecres, 26 de març de 2008

No reservations

Catherine Zeta-Jones's movie is the last movie that I have seen. It happens on a kitchen chef that receives her orphan niece in her house. This situation is new for Kate, the name of the protagonist. About the help of the new chef of the Kate’s kitchen, Kate will learn to having a good relation with her niece and this, will learn to understand her aunt by means of the kitchen.
I love the movies that happen in a kitchen or that the protagonists are cooks because for me, the world of the kitchen and food are a big important subject, and last summer I was worked in a kitchen, and there I had a lot of new experiences and I discovered that the hunger isn’t a vital custom: it is a great passion that could join the lives of the people. I think that it's very difficult to understand the big sacrifice of a cook because it's a very sacrificed work and the majority of times & is bad rewarded. But in my opinnion, I see me like my granmother and I like to cook!

I recomended this film!


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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Esther, thanks for your post. I'll watch the film, and we'll talk about it together.