dilluns, 10 de març de 2008

Time to make decisions

This year is the last one for us, the most important course. Lots of things are in our heads, to have the bests marks, think about what degree we should choose and how are going to be our tests to enter to university.
We are too young to make a desicion that is going to chance our future. Nowadays, almost only 30 % of the people of my generation knows what they want to study and later to work.
Moreover, we are only teenagers and we want to live our lives and worry about nothing. We need to be free but we have to get used to adult life.Therefore, this last year in high school tries to change a little bit our mids, our concerns, to make us realise the importance of this last period of school.
So, it's a difficult year for us, like I've said before, time to make decisions and these ones are the most important that we have ever made. And now I think I'm the one that should think more about what I will do with my future, I haven't taken a decision yet.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Alba, thanks for your post. I agree with you. This is maybe the most important year in your life, since the decisions you make will change/influence your life in the next few years.