dimarts, 11 de març de 2008

Music, a language

Music is universal. It is produced by all the cultures. Scientists believe that music became before speech. Their theory is that languages were sing rather than spoken. Researchers also say that when a women is pregnant and she listens to music that she likes, the foetus feels well and also enjoys the good feeling that his or her mother has at that moment. It is also proved that if you go to a school and you tell a story to children, they will better remember if the story is sing than spoke.
In the Hospitals, people who suffer from mental ills, they have better recovery on listening to music. I totally agree with this. I, when I feel bad, tired, exhausted or happy I also listen & music (it depens on my mood the music I listen to) but if I tell you the truth it relax me a lot and it makes me feel better.


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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Laura, thanks for your post. It's very interesting what you say about music.